Slazenger Jackets South Africa


Slazenger Jackets South Africa

Slazenger Jackets South Africa - If you are looking for a great quality corporate jacket for your staff this Winter, Slazenger is the brand for you.

The Slazenger clothing brand has been around for many years now and is well known for producing high grade, performance sports clothing. They have since branched into manufacturing workwear, golf shirts, sweaters and jackets of the same calibre.

We are a premier supplier of these Slazenger jackets in South Africa.

Our Top 5 Slazenger Jackets;

  • Slazenger Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket
  • Slazenger Apex Soft Shell Jacket
  • Slazenger Trainer Jacket
  • Slazenger Apex Winter Jacket
  • Slazenger Action Jacket

Brand Innovation also brands these Slazenger jackets with your company logo. Having your company associated with a world famous brand such as Slazenger shows that you care about quality and dependability.

The soft shell jackets are ideal for office wear and the Trainer and Apex jackets are great for outdoors.

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