Slazenger Soft Shell Jacket


Slazenger Soft Shell Jacket

Slazenger soft shell jackets are one of the most popular winter corporate clothing choices from the Brand Innovation range.

Lined with fleece, moisture proof and windproof, it makes for an amazing guard against the winter cold.

We love the Slazenger Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket for Men and Ladies.

  • Min. Order QTY: 25
  • Mens Code: SLAZ-816
  • Ladies Code: SLAZ-817
  • Recommended Branding: Embroidery

We love it so much that we have even made it part of our uniform at Brand Innovation.

Please phone us at 0861 111 954 or email us at for enquiries or to place your orders. Be sure to not miss out on these great corporate clothing items.

About the Slazenger Soft Shell Jacket:

  • Single Knit, Polyester Outer
  • Micro Fleece Inner, Bonded
  • Weight: 360g²m
  • Windproof
  • Moisture proof

Branding of the Slazenger Soft Shell Jacket:


  • It looks stunning and smart!
  • Pricing is calculated by the size of the logo.
  • Colours used does not affect pricing at all.
  • Embroidery can be done on the back, sleeves and chest.
  • Hint: A great tone-on-tone embroidery looks absolutely marvellous.

This softshell jacket from Slazenger is ideal for:

Business Trips

When leaving the familiar work environment for business trips it always wise to wear some branded clothing. People will see you in public, be it in your home city or another country.

This is an amazing opportunity for exposing your brand to new people and potential clients.

Teams, Clubs and Associations

Being part of a team or association means that at some point all members are going to have to wear a uniform. These softshell jackets makes for a great uniform, whether it be a soccer team or a chess club.

It looks great and provides the needed protection from the elements.

Site Managers and Foremen

Being in the outdoors all day can be quite daunting when you are not wearing the right clothes. The Slazenger soft shell jacket can make your outdoor-employees look great in the public eye and also serve as a great corporate clothing item in the winter months. 



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