Solar Charger Power Bank


Solar Charger Power Bank

Solar charger power bank supplier in South Africa- These wonderfully clever devices are the perfect end of year gift or branded promotional item for any corporate situation.

With endless uses and applications in and around the business world, these power banks and portable chargers give clients and staff a functional branded gift that can be used for years to come.

A life saver at times, these portable chargers mean you will never run out of power for your mobile devices. Using the energy from the sun as your own personal energy supply, these are an Eco-friendly approach to corporate gifting.

2600mAh Solar Charger

The 2600mAh Solar Power Bank Charger is a light weight, compact solar charger that gives you peace of mind when out and about.

Perfect for charging smartphones on the move, this handy little device harnesses the suns power to fully charge you mobile devices.

Ideal for branded gift for clients, this Eco-friendly device is self-sustaining in a sense, using natural energy rather than adding to the weight of fossil fuel electricity.

Show your brand’s social conscience and spread an environmentally friendly ethos with your stakeholders, the nifty 2600mAh Solar Charger is a great corporate gifting or end of year gift idea.

5000mAh Solar Charger

Another Solar Charger, the 5000mAh Solar Charger Power Bank, is a more powerful solar option from our power bank range. With a durable casing that make it both dust and water resistant, this is the perfect device for the outdoor enthusiast.

With branding making this a complete corporate gift solution, this Eco-friendly device allows you to charge your phone anywhere the sun is shining. A brilliant way to show the “green” ethos of your brand as well as its social awareness, a solar charger is ideal for the ever sunny South Africa.

Whether charging up your smartphone on the way to a meeting, or keeping in touch on a weekend away, a durable solar power bank is an ideal corporate gift that can be used endlessly to keep you connected.

Solar Power Banks South Africa

With a wide range of power banks and solar chargers to choose from, ensure that you give out a branded item that shows off your brand while giving clients an item they can really use in life. In this modern, technology driven world, a way to keep connected is paramount.

This is why a solar charger or power bank allows for an entirely useful, Eco-friendly gift that lets you clients and customers stay connected when they need it. 

Power banks that are solar powered, benefit your company or brand and the earth! As well as delighting your clients or customers with a corporate or promotional product that is unique and innovative. 

Promotional Power Banks

Promotional power banks are one of the best ways to promote your brand or company name. 

Power banks offer great use, long lasting branding and are sure to be see everywhere, by everyone!

Want your brand to be visible and on display? Branded power banks are your answer! 

Imagine your brand in every office, on every desk, in the hands of busy bodies on-the-go. 

A power bank is the ultimate solution in today's world of fast-paced living, made for those on the move with many devices that need to be charged up and ready for the busy day. 

Corporate Client Gift Ideas

Corporate client gift ideas are great to consider when you need to choose corporate gifts for your executive clients. 

Corporate gifts are brilliant for showing how much your company or brand cares for your clients. Display your appreciation and thanks with a solar power bank. 

Clients will love this gadget, it's super nifty, easy to use and highly useful! 

Think of your company making clients happy and delighted with corporate gifts that are trendy, functional and offer great branding value. 

End of Year Client Gift Ideas

End of year client gift ideas are always a great way to show your gratitude towards loyal and trusted corporate clients or welcome new clients or business opportunities. 

Corporate client gifts are vital for maintaining good business relationships and continuing healthy connections with your clients. 

Branded corporate gifts are an excellent branding opportunity for your company or brand. 

Enhance the experience clients have with your company or brand with a personal gift like a solar power bank. 

For more information, or to order your branded portable charger, give us a call on 0861 111 954 or e-mail us at



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