Stainless Steel Drink Bottles


Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

Stainless steel drink bottles are the sophisticated and more adult twist on a classic promotional drink bottle. Sleek and elegant, these drink bottles are the perfect accessory for a professional person. These are versatile and classy items that will keep your water cool, and your coffee steaming! With either a polished finish or unique powdered outer coat, a stainless steel bottle sends a strong message that your business has an eye for the contemporary, trendy and modern.

Our stainless steel selection includes everything from flasks and tumblers to travel mugs and water bottles. This diverse range makes use of the easy to maintain, durable stain and corrosion resistant qualities of stainless steel for a lasting quality product.  Many of our items are also available in trim gift set, to turn the impact of your corporate gift up a notch.

Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle

A double wall stainless steel bottle it the product to ensure your drink is insulated throughout the day. It’s a lightweight alternative to other insulting materials, making it a convenient and easy to carry choice. These streamlined products are amazing in that they can function as both a water bottle and a flask. The Nova Double Wall Drink Bottle will retain heat for up to 6 hours, and keep your water cool for up to 24 hours! So the same bottle of water can refresh you at lunch and your after work gym session.

Many of our selection include a finish to give your product the extra stylishness that sets your brand apart. The Meteor Double Wall Flask has fashionable gold and silver coat options, as well as unique debossed detailing around the grip. The Milan Double Wall Powder Coated Drink bottle sports a gorgeous white power coat, with a contrasting gold lid and base for a trendy and feminine item.

The Woodbury Double Wall Drink Bottle has a unique coat that gives it the appearance of wood. This is a beautiful item for organisations that want to steer clear of a corporate feel, or are do nature-related work.

Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

The vacuum insulated water bottle makes use of a vacuum to keep liquid both cool and warm. Whether it’s to keep your water refreshing during hot summer days, your tea steaming on your early morning commute or even to take your favourite soup along on a road trip - this is the ideal product.

A vacuum insulated water bottle is the perfect seasonal gift… all year round! Our 1 Liter Double Walled Vacuum Flask has a screw-off lid with a vacuum seal to make sure your drink is properly insulated. It’s large capacity and versatility make this a gift that will be appreciated by everyone.

Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

Stainless steel insulated tumbler - this product takes your travel coffee mug to the next level! A stainless steel insulated tumbler is designed for sipping on the go, without having to worry about spilling or losing heat. The days taking an unpleasant sip of room temperature coffee are behind you! These tumblers are a lightweight solution to insulating your beverage. Complete with gorgeous metal finishes and embossed detailing, your disposable coffee cup has nothing on a stainless steel insulated tumbler!

Choosing a reusable travel mug for that daily drink from your local coffee joint is the more eco friendly option. These tumblers make sustainable habits easier and more enjoyable! This is a great choice businesses looking to promote sustainable behaviour.

Wholesale Stainless Water Bottles

Wholesale stainless water bottles - Brand Innovation is proud to be a supplier of these incredible products, and offer branding services on all the items we carry. Wholesale stainless water bottles are an amazing platform for elegant branding solutions, such as engraving. This is a modern branding option that greatly increases the perceived value of your products!

To browse our full selection please see our Metal Drinkware page. If you have any queries about our collection or branding options available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us on 0861 111 954  or via email, and one of our friendly account executives will be happy to assist you!



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