Stylish Coffee Sets

Coffee Sets South Africa- A stunning idea for a corporate gift for important clients and stakeholders, a thoughtful way to connect with clients in a meaningful way, Coffee Sets are perfect for giving a functional branded item to clients that can be used and enjoyed on a daily basis, whether at the office or home.

This gift option offers a stunning gift with your corporate logo printed on all pieces that is sure to make your brand part of your client’s daily life. A wonderful gift that clients will love to show off to friends and family, this is a stunning porcelain set that makes for a much loves client gift.

Americano Coffee Set

3 Reasons why this is a thoughtful branded gift
  1. 1.  Four colour print
  2. 2.  Stunning gift box
  3. 3.  AB grade porcelain

Café-Java Coffee Set

3 Reasons why this is a perfect coffee set
  1. 1.  Saucers and spoons
  2. 2.  Good-looking mug design
  3. 3.  Four colour print

Don’t miss out on these beautifully branded Coffee Sets from Brand Innovation, e-mail now to order your specially crafted corporate gifts.
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