SWAG Promotional Products

SWAG promotional products are a huge part of the American advertising industry. This blog features the voice of a young American adult as she takes us through her experience of SWAG gifts in America.

SWAG Gifts

SWAG gifts have been handed out to me at almost every stage of my life. Being the daughter of an athlete, my family has been dragged all over the United States for different Marathons and Ironman races. We have accumulated draw-string bags, t-shirts, temporary tattoos, stickers and so many more SWAG gifts at these events all branded with different Ironman sponsors. With t-shirts being worn, bags being used, and stickers on computers and cars, my family serves as a walking advertisement for the brands that choose to hand their merch out freely.

SWAG Educational Gifts

SWAG educational gifts form a massive part of the American promotional industry, as they target schools, universities and colleges from an early age, to plant the seed of attending the promoted school or university and gain interest long before application.

Recently, I have begun looking at different Universities in the States for the purpose of choosing one to apply to in a few years. Universities are so ready to recruit new students with different interests that they are always ready with a free t-shirt or cap for you in hopes that you will look at the t-shirt and remember the tour and the students you met. At my school in the States, we are being gifted with new water bottles to encourage drinking more water and they are all branded with our school logo. Blankets, sweatshirts, and extras like ties can always be found at the school store that has everything you can think of branded. You can find school stores at any public or private school. School spirit is encouraged through the handing out of swag. A specific example that springs to mind is the whole of grade 9 at my school goes on a week-long community service trip in Eastern Kentucky: the poorest pocket of the whole US. Before we left for this trip, we were given 5 t-shirts with the name of our school and our graduating year which unified us as a class, a journal, and a water bottle. These free items hold memories of a week of helping others and getting to know my classmates in a way I will never forget.

SWAG Sports Gifts

SWAG sports gifts is another big medium for brand or business promotion. Through different sports games and hospital fun-run handouts, Charlottesville has become unified through the University of Virginia and supporting them. This has been activated by constantly encouraging members of Charlottesville to be proud of where they are from and who they support. When entering a soccer game, attending fans are given free blankets and noise makers to prompt cheering for the team, at basketball games, fans are included in different Jumbo-tron activities and everytime there is a media break, t-shirts are thrown into the crowd by the cheerleaders. As the basketball team’s record has begun improving over the years, the fanbase has grown and the community has really come together to support the team.

SWAG gifts versus Video Advertisements

The effectiveness of different advertising methods is a clear one to me: pop-up-ads are more annoying than helpful. I would much prefer a handout over an ad that pops up during a youtube video. Promotional products hold so much more value and purpose.

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