The Modern Business Card


The Modern Business Card

The Modern Business Card South Africa- Whether in business or life, first impressions are vitally important. A way to catch the eye of any prospective client, a creative business card can set the tone for your brand image.

In the search for fresh ideas and creative thinkers we have found some of the most unique and eye catching business cards around.

Below are some unique and creative business cards:

A Cheese Grater Business Card

A clever design from this cheese company, this mini grater is a memorable business card to say the least. A unique style that allows you to enjoy their product with their business card, this is sure to be shown off as much as possible.

Ideal for indulging in some of your favourite cheeses, this is a perfect example of a unique approach to marketing.

cheese grater business card

USB Business Card

A clever business card from this producer, the USB business card is the best way to show off your work. Bright and colourful, this is great for giving clients a montage of your work.

An item used every day, this is a clever way to feature in the daily life of prospective clients. A tech-savvy business card, this is perfectly suited to working in the digital world.

You can order your USB business cards from Brand Innovation! 

USB Business Card

Yoga Mat Business Card

A brilliant idea form this yoga mat company, these are the mini matt business cards. A custom business card that shows off their unique style, this is a card not to be forgotten. Perfect for showing off their product, this can be rolled up and tied just like the full size mat.

Made from the same material, complete with their business info, this is an attention grabbing business card to say the least.

Yoga Mat Business Card

Photography Business Card

In this day and age, a photographer needs to stand out from the crowd.  With this view finder business card, this is one photographer that nailed it.

Subtle and eye catching, this is a card that clients will never let go of. No matter of your style or skill, a card like this sets you apart as a creative minded individual. The perfect way to market your own unique brand, this tells all about your brand and creative grounding.

view finder business card

Bicycle Shop Business Card

A card that can be used for more than just making contact, this awesome wrench card gives you tools for riding. With a selection of indents and socket sizes, this caters for all your adjustments while riding.

Perfect for a bike company, this card fulfils a daily use. A clever way to ensure your clients never forget your name, this comes in handy on every cycle.
bicycle wrench business card

A business card is an important part of modern business, make sure to get a creative card for your brand.

Something to set you apart from the rest, first contact is where it matters the most. Key to staying relevant and on par with trends, the modern business card is a clever approach to brand marketing.

For the best creative ideas in branding, trust the professional. E-mail now to order your unique branded items.



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