Tips for Choosing Winter Corporate Clothing


Tips for Choosing Winter Corporate Clothing

Grab your body warmers, jackets and beanies, because Winter is here! 
If you are in charge of organizing your company's corporate wear, you might have your work cut out for you.

There are dozens of different types of jackets, jerseys and sweaters to choose from and it might seem a little daunting. But that is why Brand Innovation is here; to make your life a little easier.

When choosing your winter corporate clothing it is a good idea to keep these in mind what you want from the clothing.

3 Important things to keep in mind when choosing winter corporate clothing:

  • It needs to keep your staff warm
  • Must be functional
  • And in must make your company look good!

Not only does your winter corporate clothing need to keep your staff warm and happy, it also needs look presentable as it will be the "face" of your company for the next few months.

Need some suggestions?

We have a few go-to favourites that are popular every year, such as our softshell jackets and fleece jackets. Here is a shot list of items, sorted by function:

  • For Rain Jackets: The Miami Jacket and The Slazenger Trainer
  • For a smart business type jacket: The Slazenger Soft Shell
  • For wearing indoors as a uniform: The Houston Fleece Jackets
  • For something a little different: The Slazenger Quilted Body Warmer

If you want to add a more modern twist to your corporate wear, or are just looking for something different that the usual, the Slazenger Quilted Bodywarmer is a good choice.

This padded body warmer is suitable for men and women and can be worn anywhere. With a branded logo on the left chest, this bodywarmer will look professional and stylish! 

Didn't you know? Padded vests are the IN thing this season. Even big designer names such as Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana have designed their own versions.

Order your's now!

For more great winter clothing options, please browse through our catalogue, or email us and we will send you some ideas.



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