Tracksuits South Africa


Tracksuits South Africa

Tracksuits South Africa – Tracksuits are iconic clothing items. So iconic, in fact, that they have their own day. November 6th is International tracksuit day, a day for those of us who have fond memories of velour Juicy Couture. The tracksuit is an integral part of sportswear’s integration into modern fashion and when it comes down to it, we have tracksuits to thank for yoga pants and leggings being worn regularly. Here’s to having a full, comfortable range of motion!

Tracksuits are fun and comfortable clothing that allow you to move around freely while you’re doing exercise.

The 1960s marked the official birth of the tracksuit into modern culture. Those three, distinctive stripes on a suit and jacket set made of all the new fangled textile technology that the era had to offer was the first apparel that Adidas produced. It even had neat little stirrups on the pants. This first Adidas tracksuit was produced in collaboration with the dreamboat of German football, Franz Beckenbauer.
The swinging 70s was a great era for the tracksuit and they bloomed when they were given a new lease on life as jogging and hiking became popular pastimes. And new innovations in fabric meant that tracksuits were not only becoming much more comfortable, but also better looking and more appropriate to wear recreationally.

During the 1980s even newer fabric innovations made tracksuits much more comfortable to wear while you were actually exercising and the rise in serious exercise made the tracksuit more of a staple clothing item than it had previously been.

The 90s as well saw a rise in tracksuits being used in the limelight of the sporting world. The Olympic team tracksuits were very popular and people wanted to emulate their favourite sports stars by wearing their uniforms off the track. The fact that a tracksuit is a loose, comfortable garment just adds to the off-field appeal.

The new millennium ushered in a veritable tsunami of tracksuit popularity with tabloid magazines full of glassy photos of celebrities living their lives in beautiful velour tracksuits. Britney Spears even had a whole range of custom tracksuits made up for her wedding party.

Tracksuits were everywhere, from print media to television, with Tony Soprano sporting a track suit that made the track suit the new Armani of organised crime.

Modern tracksuits seem to be a true blend of all that came before them. Sporting sleek minimalist designs that echo back to the 60s and 70s all created from those fabrics that were minted in the 80s and 90s, making the tracksuit of the 2010s a collaboration of the decades.

Of course it also because of the tracksuit that we find it much more socially acceptable to wear sports oriented gear out and about in public. Exercise isn’t stigmatised as something gross and shameful that should be done in private. These days we have borrowed the shamelessness pioneered by the Romans and their public gymnasiums. Though with a little less nudity. We are unashamed to exercise and show off our interest in sports in public.

This makes a tracksuit a wonderful corporate item. Tracksuits are designed to match so they make for great sports uniforms - particularly goof for personal trainers and gym staff – for teams.

Mens Tracksuits

Mens Tracksuits  - we stock a selection of tracksuits for men. Men’s garments are cut wider in the shoulder shoulder and tend not to taper in the leg. We have a beautiful uniform tracksuit option for men that’s made out of 210gsm polyester tricot and comes in three wonderful colours. Black and white, blue and white and red and white. This classic tracksuit option comes with a colour contrast zip and side pockets on both the pants and the shirt.

We have a selection of full mens tracksuits as well as tracksuit tops and bottoms that are sold separately so that you can have either, or both, whichever you prefer.

Ladies Tracksuits

Ladies tracksuits – we have a lovely selection of ladies tracksuits that would be wonderful for a sports team or for a sporty uniform. A tracksuit can make a fantastic uniform if you have a work environment where it is appropriate, such as a sporting goods warehouse, or in a factory where you are required to do physical labour.
Tracksuits are designed with physical labour in mind and therefore all9ow for a great range of motion while keeping your body temperature regulated. So when you’ve got a lot of hustle to do, a tracksuit is your best friend.

Team Tracksuits

Team tracksuits are a great thing to have. Weather isn’t always the way we want it to be and if you’re playing a sport with a shorter uniform – ladies hockey, lacrosse or soccer and you want to keep warm before or after the game then tracksuit is a great way to do that. Tracksuits are also called warmup suits and can help you keep cosy while you actually warm up. Then once you are warm it’s time to get down to your actual uniform and really work up a sweat!

We have a great selection of unisex tracksuits that are great for teams. These team uniforms often have sporty colourful accents. A popular unisex option is the US Basic Spartan Unisex Tracksuit.

School Tracksuits

School tracksuits are often a part of the uniform for gym or extracurricular sport. They are sometimes optional, with the shorter summer uniform being the compulsory option, but a tracksuit is a great investment for a really active student who wants to be comfortable and keep their game on no matter what weather it is.

Full Tracksuit

Full tracksuits are just a click away at brand innovation. We have ladies, mens and unisex full tracksuits for you to choose from, all ready and waiting for your branding.

Tracksuit bottoms / Tracksuit tops

Tracksuit bottoms and tops - You know what you want. And you want one thing but not the other? We have a great selection of unisex tracksuits that you can mix and match to make your perfect custom tracksuit. We also have individual gendered items so that you can get your perfect ladies cut tracksuit, no problem.

Branded tracksuit

Branded tracksuits are a way to advertise your brand. Many brands who supply sports gear to teams will add their logo to the team logo or have a selection of other sponsors on the uniform. A branded tracksuit gets your name out there while also letting the world know that you support your team.

Tracksuit Suppliers in South Africa

Tracksuit Suppliers in South Africa – we at Brand Innovation are proud to be bulk tracksuit suppliers in South Africa. You can send us an email at to place your order for Tracksuits South Africa.



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