USB Gadgets


USB Gadgets

We have a cool range of brand new USB Gadgets available for you! This year we have added lots of  new tech gadgets to our corporate gifts range.

Giving your clients or staff tech gadgets as promotional gifts is a surefire way to leave a lasting impression. It also lets them know that your company is ahead of the game and up to date with new technology.

More and more companies use branded technology products as corporate gifts, and here are some of the benefits;

Why give USB Gadgets as corporate gifts?

  • USB is universal; if you have a computer or laptop you have USB ports
  • These items are trendy and modern
  • Clients LOVE receiving gadget gifts
  • Functional items that clients can use

Because we have such a large selection of gadget gifts to choose from, we have put together three awesome USB gadgets for you to choose from.


One of the big problems with some computers is that they have only a few USB ports. If you need to plug in your keyboard, mouse and USB flash drive, you have no space for any other things such as your phone. The solution for this is a USB Hub.
Our Palette USB Hub (TECH-805) has 4 extra USB ports for you to use!

Powerbank USB Card

This handy little USB Gadget is a multi-functional 8GB USB Flash Drive and mobile charger Powerbank. The card shaped USB is a light and portable drive that combines two very important and useful tech items; a storage drive and a charger device. Any tech savvy clients will love the Powerbank Card USB (GM-MB2200)!

USB Desk Fan

This is a great gift for the office on those hot summer days! This small desk fan is powered by a USB cable. Simply plug it into your computer and you have a lovely breeze to cool you down. The USB Desk Fan (BAR-BD0100) is available in 3 different colours.

To order your promotional USB gadgets, email us now! We are a premier supplier of technology corporate gifts in South Africa.



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