Useful Corporate Gifts South Africa


Useful Corporate Gifts South Africa

Useful corporate gifts - usefulness is the number one criteria for a powerful corporate gift. Unfortunately a promotional item can’t do any marketing work from the bin! The most effective promotional products are those that a customer chooses to hold onto for a long period of time - so your marketing campaign has long term effects.

We know that people are more likely to hold onto promotional gifts if they’re

1. Useful

2. Trendy

3. Fun

Useful corporate gifts fill a lack or fix a problem a customer might not even have considered they had! The more a gift adds value to your customers, the more it becomes integrated into their daily lives. This makes your brand familiar and increases your brand exposure. Familiarity increases the recall of your branding, and makes contacting you super accessible - this is how you prompt a customer down a path of purchase from your company!

Consider how if your branded shirt is worn your logo is exposed to everyone the wearer comes into contact with. If your branded mugs are used in the office of your customer your logo is exposed to anyone who comes into that space. If you scale up the number of days that product is used for and give out multiples of your promotional items, the effectiveness of useful corporate gifts compounds exponentially. Paying attention to the use-factor of a promotional product is the best way to get bang for your buck.

Useful corporate gift ideas

Fortunately, useful corporate gift ideas are plentiful! Brand Innovation is in the business of supplying innovative, useful items that add value to customers’ lives. Some amazing corporate gifts are just everyday items that you can’t have too many of - but with an innovative twist to make you stand out from the competition:

Mugs are a great branded item: people grow attached to their favourites, hang onto them for years and use them daily. Our Drinkware and Food page has our full selection, but here are some fun alternatives to a standard coffee cup:

Colour changing coffee mugs - coated in a black heat sensitive layer, these mugs reveal the logo beneath when hot water is poured into them!

Chalk coffee mugs - this quirky product lets you drink your coffee, draw doodles and leave little messages all on the same item.

Travel coffee mugs - this item makes sure you never miss your morning coffee! Travel mugs let you have your hot beverages on the move. They’re also a great reusable alternative to disposable coffee mugs, making them a wonderful eco-friendly gift.

Branded pens are the most effective promotional product. They’re extremely cost effective, with high impact potential. It goes without saying that they’re used by everyone, no matter their job, every day. Branded pens are universal in their usefulness, and you can’t have too many! Our writing instruments page has our full range. If you want to outshine the competition our unique branded pens will help you stand out. These include:

Eco friendly pens - pens made from recycled materials or polished bamboo are a beautiful natural alternative to plastic pens. Make eco-friendly habits easy for your customers, with these sustainable gifts!

USB pens - this is a dual purpose pen, that lets you conveniently store your data and take notes using only one device.

Pens with highlighters - this product accounts for two birds with one stone! Condense your stationery needs into one pen.

Blankets are a unique branded item, with great marketing potential. And they really come in handy - every household or workplace could use another blanket to keep snug in the winter. You can see all our blankets on our Blankets page, which include many fleece options!

Tech Promotional Products

Tech promotional products make the lives of your customers easier and more convenient! See our Mobile Technology page for all the cool gadgets we supply. Here are some of useful tech promotional products available:

Solar Charged Power Bank - this power bank lets you charge your devices anywhere, anytime, relying only on the energy of the sun! This is super convenient for anyone on-the-go all day or going off the grid for a long period. It also uses a renewable energy source, so it’s an eco-friendly choice!

3 in 1 connector cables - this product lets you charge multiple devices of different makes simultaneously! It reduces 3 different chargers into 1 compact cable.

Travel smart multi-charger - never fight over the car charger again! This car charger provides 4 USB portals, with an extending cord to reach the back seat. This let’s everyone charge their devices on-the-go.

Memory sticks are an essential tool in working life. Check out our USBs page, or take a look at some of our most innovative product examples:

Credit card USB - this flash stick is shaped like a credit card to fit with ease into your wallet, so you always know where your memory stick is!

Bottle Opener USB - this 8GB flash stick is dual purposed! It’ll keep your data safe and pop your bottle caps in one convenient device

Silicone Wristband USB - this wristband USB let’s you wear your device for ease of access and portability.

Bamboo USB - this wooden USB bridges the gap between nature and the tech world. It’s a beautiful organic alternative to plastic USBs - making it an eco-friendly corporate gift option.

These useful corporate gift examples solve universal problems and inconveniences in all of our lives. Some gifts are useful for specific people, and this can make for a really thoughtful corporate gift. For example, we recommend our Travel Gifts for frequent flyers or companies in the travel industry. Our Tools, Torches and Knives page is recommended for useful gifts for people in the tourism, safari or adventuring industries.

For more useful gift ideas, give us a call on 0861 111 954 or email us, and one of our account executives will be happy to make suggestions. We look forward to helping you!



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