Valentines Day


Valentines Day

Valentines Day is globally known as the day of love! All around the world people celebrate this day by bestowing their loved ones with flowers, hugs, kisses, chocolates and Valentine's gifts.

Where did the tradition of Valentine’s Day come from?

Valentine's is an annual holiday celebrated on the 14th of February. No one can pinpoint the exact origin of Valentine's Day with started in ancient Rome with a festival called Lupercalia.
The romantics of the time celebrated love with a large feast and a festival lasting a couple of days.

Who is Cupid?

Cupid also comes from the Romans. He is a classic mythological god - the god of love, desire, attraction and affection.

Legends told that he carried a magical bow and arrow, imbued with the power of love. If he shot two people with the arrows they would fall head over heels in love.

Love is really what makes the world go round.
Do those we care about know how much we care?

From us all at Brand Innovation, we wish you a month of happiness, love and joy.
May Cupid be spreading his or her love your way!



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