Waterproof iPad Case South Africa, Cape Town, Johannesburg

Waterproof iPad Case South Africa. - If you are wanting to cool of at the beach or in you swimming pool this summer, the waterproof iPad case is the perfect accessory for you!

Have you ever wanted to use your phone or tablet at the beach or near the pool, but you'd rather not, just in case it gets wet? We all know how much damage a little bit of water can do to our electronics.

This is why we supply the fantastic waterproof iPad case:

  • Suitable for iPads and other tablets
  • Has a three seal system to prevent leakages
  • Is touch screen friendly
  • Includes a handy lanyard

This transparent plastic case can protect your tablet against water damage, splashes and scratches. It uses two zip locks and a button press to prevent water from slipping in.

The clear plastic means that you can still use your tablet perfectly while it is in the case!

This waterproof cover is not only suitable for iPads, but any similarly sized tablet devices. And if you need your phone protected, we also have the matching waterproof iPhone case.

This is a very useful promotional gift that clients will surely appreciate, and with your company logo this will provide you with great brand exposure.

Contact us NOW to order your waterproof iPad cases.

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