What makes a Moleskine notebook special?


What makes a Moleskine notebook special?

What makes a Moleskine notebook special? - A sought after branded item, this is the Moleskine Notebook. Great for a client or staff item to use daily, these are special branded items for the office.

Best Seller: A5 Hard Cover Molskine Notebook

So what makes a Moleskine notebook so special? Simple- this is an executive notebook from a world renowned brand, made form the highest quality materials.

These beautiful notebooks can also make for amazing personalised notebooks, having names embossed on the front cover.

Reasons to choose a Moleskine notebook:

  • World renowned brand
  • Branding can be printed, embossed or foiled
  • Perfect for the professional environment
A timeless branded item for your staff or clients, these can have beautiful foiled branding on the front cover.

A fantastic notebook option that can promote your brand proudly with every use. This is a useful office item that makes for a classic corporate item. A favoured notebook of many executives and creatives, even the pages make for a smoother writing experience. 

A sought after notebook option that is perfect for the discerning client. These stunning notebook options are elegant and timeless, perfect for connecting with important stakeholders.

Trust the professionals to give you the best branding around. E-mail info@brandinnovation.co.za now to get your awesome branded Moleskine Notebooks.



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