Why do USB Flash Drive Prices Change so Often?

Have you ever wondered why the prices of USB flash drives changes so often? USB prices can change on a daily basis. Sometimes the price of flash drives from one week to the next can be vastly different.
Why is this?

Simply put, it is because the USB chips are traded like a commodity. 

This means that the price changes on a basis of supply and demand.

A USB flash drive consists of various components which include the Flash Memory Chip (NAND) and USB Controllers. There are only a few companies globally that manufacture and supply these memory chips and thus supplies are limited.

These chips are used in a large variety of electronic products. When big companies from various sectors purchase large orders of these chips, it means that the supply in the market it less, and thus the price becomes more.

As with any other commodity, there are byers and sellers with trades going on every day. As the demand and buys of the chips increase, the price increases. When the demand is less and the sellers have lots of stock, they can lower the price in order to move stock.

What effects the supply and demand of USB chips?

  • New product inventions that require these chips
  • Holidays or events that postpone manufacturing of chips
  • Natural disasters that postpone manufacturing of chips

Whilst the majority of our products have stable prices that generally only changes approximately once a year, the USB flash drive prices will differ from day to day.

When we are importing flash drives, the prices change constantly and we quote accordingly.
The best plan of action is to strike while the iron is hot! Order your USB flash drives when the demand is low and you are guaranteed to get great prices.

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