Why Give Long Service Awards? Reward Your Employees for Their Hard Work

Why give out long service awards? - Rewarding long term staff on their dedication and loyalty is important. But why give out long service awards?

A long service award is important to congratulate staff members on years of dedicated service. For high quality work over a long period of time, a long service award is a brilliant way to give back. Thank your employees with a stunning Montblanc pen.

Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Black

Code: Monblanc-105657

Why is this a great long service award?

  • From a world renowned pen brand
  • Can only be bought from premium suppliers
  • Precious resin coating for executive finish

A stunning corporate pen option, this is a sleek and sexy luxury item. An offering from the iconic Montblanc range, this is an opulent pen. An elegant writing piece with a uniquely dark style, this is a pen exclusive to premium branding companies like Brand Innovation.

Presented in a stunning gift box, these can have subtle engraving on the presentation plaque. Coated in black precious resin, these famed pens are wonderful for any executive setting.

Perfect as a long service award, these sought after writing pieces are only given to the top performers. A status symbol in the corporate world, this is the sign of a world class businessman.

So why give out long service awards? It offers an elegant way to show your appreciation for hardworking, loyal staff members.

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