Why We Love Brands


Why We Love Brands

Brands – why does the world love brands, from the tip of Africa to New York City? Any where you go, people love brands.

Some can afford them and some can’t, but nonetheless the world LOVES a brand. 

Are brands always better than non brand items? 

I have not always thought so. And sometimes you hear of the same factory making non brand items as big brand name products.

But we love brands because they “speak” to us in some way. We identify with a particular brand for some reason.

Children might love Nike shoes, teenagers Levi’s, MOST people love an iPhone.
So what is it? Why do we love the brands we do?

Maybe we feel that we have a personal relationship with the brand? And this means that we expect something from the brand?
We expect the brand to last longer, to get back to us when we compliment or complain?
To be better than the rest?

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Brand Innovation also values the quality and trust that brands deliver to the world.

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