Winter Jacket Suppliers South Africa

Winter Jacket Suppliers - The cold season is slowly approaching and now is the perfect time to start planning for your winter corporate uniform. Be prepared and get your branded jackets now.

We stock a large variety of different jackets in various styles, sizes, colours and designs. No matter what you are looking for, we will have a suitable option for you.

Different Winter Jackets:

  • Rain Jacket
  • Parka Jacket
  • Windbreaker Jacket
  • Softshell Jacket
  • Fleece Jacket

If you are not sure what type of jacket you require, contact us and we will help you choose the perfect jackets for you! 

Things you might consider when choosing a winter jacket are the following;

  • Does it need to be rainproof?
  • Should it be heavy and warm, or lightweight?
  • Is it for outdoor usage or for wearing in the office?
  • Do you require a specific colour jacket?

Email us now and we will give you options to suit your needs.

You can also browse through our jacket catalogue and choose a style that fits with your corporate image. We brand all of these jackets with your company logo.

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