Womens Day Gifts Mugs


Womens Day Gifts Mugs

Women's Day Gifts Mugs -  Are you looking for a unique women's day gift? Brand Innovation has a selection of full colour mugs available online in South Africa that are just perfect for the occasion.

Flash Sublimation Mug

  • 330ml capacity
  • 5 Bright colours
  • 5 lovely Women’s day designs

A mug is the perfect gift for any woman who enjoys a hot beverage, whether it’s at the office or at home, a vanilla chai latte or her favourite brand of coffee. It’s both the perfect corporate gift because anyone can use it.

We are currently having and awesome Women's Day promotion where you can order 100 units of these mugs with one of 5 beautiful designs for a great price. Contact us for this mug special.

Women's Day Designs


Womens Day Gifts design 1

Womens Day Gifts design 2

Womens Day Gifts design 3

Womens Day Gifts design 4

Womens Day Gifts design 5

Women have done a lot for South Africa, and they continue to every single day. And what better way to thank women for all that they have done for this country, and everything that they are doing than by giving them a beautiful branded mug?

Mugs are great corporate gifts because people often get attached to their mugs specifically. It becomes something personal.

Womens Day in South Africa

This women’s day we have a really stunning selection of mugs that come with full colour, flash sublimation print. These mugs come in 5 gorgeous, floral designs and five different coloured accents that come with matching presentation boxes. It almost seems like these gifts are excited to be given!
Women’s Day in South Africa is on the 9th of August and has been marked with a public holiday since 1994.

You can choose your favourite design and your colour, picking from four beautiful ‘Happy Woman’s Day’ designs and the inspirational, ‘Behind every successful woman is herself.’
If you’d like, we can also add your branding on the opposite side of the design, or provide your own full colour branding for these stylish sublimation mugs.

Full colour branding is often something that people write out of their budgets as it can be infamously expensive. But with the new range of full colour sublimation branding, it doesn’t have to be. You can have a beautiful full colour design that will turn heads and create smiles wherever it goes. Wouldn’t it be lovely to make South African women smile?

Sublimation as a branding technique, is something akin to magic. The process involves turning ink from a solid into a gas and back into a solid without it passing through a liquid stage. You can put the magic into Women’s Day for your staff and clients with our Womens Day Gift Mugs.

Branded gifts are always well accepted and appreciated. Be the reason someone smiles and feels good.



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