Pulltex Wine Cooler Bag


Pulltex Wine Cooler Bag

Code : BIC-81071


A wine cooler bag is a great gift to give to any wine lover. This Pulltex Wine Cooler is a high quality, designer cooler bag that will keep your wine at the perfect temperature. These bags combine a unique cooling gel with insulated materials that will keep the bag cold inside without spreading to the exterior of the bag. Unlike most other wine cooler bags, the Pulltex Cooler also has a drawstring which can be used to seal the bag around the wine bottle neck to prevent the cold escaping.

Features of the Pulltex Wine Cooler:

  • Materials: Nylon, Water with Polymere, Foam
  • Cooling Gel Interior
  • Insulated Exterior
  • Drawstring
  • Size: 27 cm W X 10.5 Ø

This cooler bag is also available in a champagne bottle size.



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