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Increasing pressure on the Earth’s resources and consequent ethical concerns has resulted in a global shift towards a greener lifestyle. Industry and the general public alike have experienced an accelerated awareness of their environmental impact and are making a conscious decision to decrease their carbon footprint. Amrod has introduced a collection of eco-friendly products in line with the global trend of this ecological movement thereby making it easy for companies to convey the message of environmental responsibility. Amrod’s range includes products manufactured from bamboo*, non-woven* fabrics and metals.

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Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

Eco-friendly corporate gifts let you align your brand with the issues that your company really cares about. So your customers know they’re not just buying a product or service, they’re supporting an organization that has a positive impact on the world around them.

But we don’t believe in giving a man a fish. Eco friendly promotional products can be an amazing platform to spread awareness and promote eco-conscious behaviour in your customers. It’s not just that you’re setting a great example, our green promotional items make it easier to live a greener lifestyle. Buy providing your customers with a branded steel straw, or reusable grocery bag, you’re giving them the bread and butter products to practise more eco-friendly habits.

Eco Friendly Promotional Items

Eco-friendly promotional items aren’t just a greener solution, they also offer a unique spin on standard promotional items. They give your giveaway items the edge needed to make your brand really stand out. Our bamboo pens, for example are a sleek refined alternative to plastic promotional pens. Our lemon tree desk plants are also a completely novel corporate gift, that adds a bold splash of colour to the office! Our gifts are often made from natural materials, bringing a much more organic and human feel to corporate spaces. This potential for eco friendly promotional items to really emotionally connect with customers is what makes them such powerful vehicles for marketing!


Eco Friendly Giveaways

Eco friendly giveaways - green promotional items don’t mean you have to be technology-phobic! In fact many of our selection bridge the gap between technology and the natural world, using natural materials or renewable energy sources. Our solar powered powerbanks, keyring torches and lamps are a great example of this. We also offer gorgeous bamboo USBs. Eco friendly giveaways can be a great way to demonstrate your company’s tech savviness, and commitment to staying contemporary. These are innovative green products that reflect your company’s ability to stay dynamic and current in changing times.


Recycled Promotional Pens

Recycled promotional pens are an amazing promotional item. They’re a useful, cost effective products that make perfect green giveaway items. Made from 100% recycled materials, recycled promotional pens are an eco friendly alternative to plastic promotional pens. This is the perfect eco friendly giveaway item for your next conference, or to give customers at a tradeshow. This is an interesting, quirky take on the swag pen.

Eco friendly corporate gifts are an amazing advertising vehicle, contribute to a more sustainable planet and engage with your customers on issues close to their hearts. This range offers a perfect selection for your next conference on climate change, company swag for those in the environmental sector, or any company that wants to send an eco friendly message. Brand Innovation can guarantee a level of care and prompt assistance. Please give us a call on 0861 111 954 and we’d be happy to help you with any eco friendly gift ideas!