Cubix Desk Mate

Code : GIFT-9885


This Eco Friendly Memo Set is a brand new product that is fantastic for any office. This is a very handy memo pad, sticky note set and pen stand that is made entirely of recycled paper and eco friendly materials. This is the perfect eco friendly product to keep your desk tidy.

Features of the Eco Friendly Desk Set:

  • Material: grey board & kraft paper
  • closed: 9 ( l ) x 9 ( w ) x 9 ( h )
  • open: 18 ( l ) x 9 ( w ) x 9 ( h )
  • Includes memo pad and sticky notes

This set folds open to reveal the the notepad and pen holder.
We can brand the eco paper cube with a full colour sticker.

This awesome little gift is a novelty style pen and sticky note holder perfect for your desk top in the office. An environmentally friendly gift that clients will love, this sends out a positive message and feeling around your brand.

Relaying a message of sustainable living is very important in today’s culture, keeping the planet clean and green is an ever growing concern, a gift like this can show how your brand wants to help in any way it can.



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