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Women’s Day Gifts South Africa

Women’s day gifts South Africa - To some of us Women’s Day may just seem like some overlooked text on the national calendar - or a bonus holiday to get some well deserved rest! So why is it that on a day dedicated to staying home, businesses should really pay attention? Why should you care about August 9th?

National Women’s Day isn’t just any marketing opportunity. It provides a platform to really emotionally connect with your customers about issues that are important to them. Women’s Day celebrates not only the great strides we’ve made in improving the lives of women, but it’s a nod to the history of South Africa as a whole. It’s a day that has massive historical significance, and lets us take stock of how far we’ve come in improving our country.

These pages are additionally a great place to browse for Women's Day gifts in South Africa:

Celebrating August 9th with Women’s Day gifts lets your customers know where your company values lie. It ties your brand name to the issues you really care about. But it’s not just about the marketing value.

As South African citizens it’s up to us to make sure the day doesn’t fade into irrelevance. By choosing to participate in and celebrate National Women’s Day, we are making sure the day serves its original purpose: spreading awareness and education about women’s issues and the history of our country. Women’s Day is a significant day on our calendar! Make sure your brand doesn’t miss the opportunity to contribute to these important issues.


Women’s Day Gifts

Women's day gifts - let your brand participate in celebrating an important day in South African history! August 9th might just be a bonus national holiday to some, but it’s also a day that commemorates the great strides our country has made. This day offers a great opportunity for corporate gifting for companies who want to demonstrate their proudly South African ideals, and communicate their appreciation for their female clients and colleagues.


Corporate Gifts for Women

Corporate gifts for women - Women’s Day is a day that deals with a broad range of issues: so it can be what you make it! If this is a day dedicated to celebrating and appreciating women, we have a great range of corporate gifts for women available to you. Recognize your female customers and clients on the day that highlights their contribution to the country. In a country where the workplace can still be unfair to women, acknowledging their contribution can go a long way in expressing appreciation.

Women’s Day is often a day of female focused events and conferences. This offers great promotional opportunities specific to women customers. We recommend taking a look at our Ideas for Women page for additional ideas. August 9th can be a great occasion to hone in on one aspect of your target market: women. While most promotional gifts should cater to everyone and be applicable to all, this is a platform to give more specific gifts. Choose gifts that cater to the specific tastes and needs of your women customers.

Great corporate gifts are those that your customer will hold onto for long periods of time, keeping your brand name close and familiar. More niche and targeted gifts mean they’re more likely to really connect with your customer and feel more personal. It also simply means your product gets used more, which in turn means more brand exposure for your business. This can be a day to take advantage of the female-centric theme In a man’s world, this is the time to focus on the women professionals in your business and female customers!


Gift Ideas for Women

Gift ideas for women - go all out for your female customers with useful, personal items for a powerful corporate gift. We offer everything from great cost effective promotional items for women, to luxury corporate gifts for clients and colleagues. We offer an amazing range of pamper gifts and personal care gifts. Let your clients spend August 9th having a well deserved rest. A luxurious bath wouldn’t be complete without our series of gorgeously aromatic bath products and candles. Take a look at our wellness gift sets on our Pamper Gifts page for some amazing gift ideas for women.

But it’s not all about home items: Women’s Day seems like the perfect day to celebrate professional women. Take a look at our range of gifts designed to compliment and ease the life of the modern working woman. We offer extremely sophisticated and stylish women’s laptop handbags. Our Maiden business card holder is a bold, but feminine addition to any work desk. Our bag range, travel mugs and trendy water bottles are an excellent handy gift for any busy woman on the go.


Ideas for Women's Day Celebration in Office

Ideas for Women's Day Celebration in Office - Women’s Day doesn’t just have to be about promotional products for women. The day is also about celebrating how far we have come as a country. It acknowledges the contribution women made to the Apartheid struggle. It’s a homage to the more politically equal South Africa we live in today. The women’s day march is also a profound symbol of unity and the role a unified peoples plays in progressing our country. This is a day that is a homage to all South Africans, not just women. So gifts that celebrate proudly South African ideals hit the nail on the head when it comes to the purpose of Women’s Day. We offer a range of amazing proudly South African gifts.


Proudly South African Products

Proudly South African Products - a great place to start is the “I Am South African” collection by Andy Cartwright. This unique selection draws inspiration from the South African flag to produce a beautiful and creative flag motif that decorates the range. This collection of travel mugs, homeware and notebooks is an incredible range of proudly South African products.

By extension, the “I am African” Andy Cartwright collection uses the shape of our continent to celebrate our Africanness. It also includes notebooks, tumblers and homeware. But for a totally unique Women’s Day gift, the African mud chocolate is a great choice. Moulded into the shape of Africa, with a surface textured like mud, it evokes a memory of our local landscape. This is the perfect gift for this national holiday.

Brand Innovation tries to buy locally and support South African manufacturers where we can. August 9th seems like the perfect day to do just that! Take a look at our amazing range of Gifts Made in South Africa, a great way to celebrate your national pride. We also supply the South African flag. A little desk flag for everyone in the office is an amazing Women’s Day gift idea. A powerful symbol of unity and national pride, a desk flag is the perfect promotional item to commemorate the day.


Women's Day Celebration Ideas in Corporates

Women's day celebration ideas in corporates - why is this an important opportunity for corporate branding? A brand isn’t just about a logo and a catchy jingle. Of course all those visual elements that make up a brand identity are really important - but there’s much more to it. A brand is the personality of the organisation, it’s the whole perception a customer has of a business. It’s the quality of product a customer can expect, you mission, culture and values all wrapped into one - it’s a more holistic concept.

More and more we see brands championing social justice issues, aligning with political positions and even supporting particular political candidates. The corporate world makes up a huge section of our society. Brands are a powerful tool for marketing and advertising - but they can also be a vehicle for awareness. Brands have the potential to make a powerful positive impact on our world, by using their platform for good. This is why it’s so important for businesses to pay attention to aligning their brand with values they subscribe to. So your customers know they aren’t just buying a product, they’re supporting a business that has a positive impact on the world around them.

But we do Women’s Day a little differently in South Africa. The rest of the world celebrates International Women’s Day on 8th March, and has done so since the beginning of the 20th century. So what is the significance of August 9th in our country? What happened on that date, and where does Women’s Day originate?


Why Women's Day is Celebrated

Why women's day is celebrated - Women’s Day commemorates a really important moment in the history of our country. It’s a homage to the events of August 9, 1956. On this day, more than sixty years ago,  20 000 women from all over the country gathered to march in Pretoria. These women were mobilising to protest the Apartheid law that required people of colour to carry a “pass”. The law inhibited the freedom of movement of people of colour and was a significant tool in the oppression of black people in Apartheid South Africa.

This massive women’s march was led by the Apartheid struggle icons Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Albertina Sisulu, and Sophia Williams-De Bruyn. The women marched to Prime Minister J. G Strijdom’s offices in Pretoria and left petitions with over 100 000 signatures outside. This powerful protest included the observing of  30 minutes of silence. The song “Wathint’ Abafazi Wathint’ imbokodo” was composed especially as a homage to the occasion and was sung during the day. The famous song translates to “You strike a woman, you strike a rock” and has gone down in the annals of iconic struggle songs.

This march was significant, as it served as a testament to the strength of united women - and united South Africans as a whole. It was a demonstration of the political strength of women, and the contribution they could make to the future of South Africa.


The Significance of Women’s Day

When the new ANC government came into power in 1994, August 9th was made a national holiday. The day commemorates the contribution the women of 1956 made to achieving a democratic South Africa. It’s a homage to all the women of South Africa who fought in the struggle. It carves out a day in our calendar specifically to remember the role of women in our nation’s history.

Throughout human history, we have seen the role women have played left out of our collective understandings of history. We know a lot about the men who served in the trenches of WWII and not a great deal about the women who filled the factories to make the war effort possible. There are countless examples of this.

This public holiday ensures that these significant leaders are remembered as an important part of our collective history, and prevents their erasure from the history books. National Women’s Day makes sure we are educated about the Women’s March of 1956 and the political impact it had in South Africa. Incorporating August 9th into our collective national psyche means we’re talking about these issues, educating each other and sharing anecdotes. It means kids are asking their parents about the day, and in turn we can have critical and enlightening conversations about the role the day plays. There is always media and commercial attention to this day - a clear testament to the effectiveness of the holiday.


How is National Women's Day Celebrated?

How is National Women's day celebrated? - The day isn’t just about celebrating and acknowledging our history. It’s also about acknowledging the women in our country today. It’s a day to celebrate the trailblazing women of the 21st century and the contribution they are making to the future of South Africa. And there’s a lot to celebrate! South Africa is producing women entrepreneurs, philanthropists, creators and thinkers that are taking the world by storm. August 9th is a day to make sure we don’t overlook the significant achievements of those women.

But it’s also an occasion to pay attention to the women’s issues still relevant in our country. We can take stock of the progress we have made in achieving gender equality, and shine the spotlight on those areas that still need work. Afterall, South Africa today is a much better place for women to live than it was for the ladies of 1956, especially for women of colour. More women are voting, working, and being educated than in the 50’s, an amazing achievement that deserves to be acknowledged.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not a great deal still to be done! South Africa ranks pretty badly on an international level when it comes to many women’s issues. We have some of the worst female literacy, domestic abuse and sexual violence statistics. That’s not a fact we should lightly gloss over amongst fanfare of Women’s Day. These are significant problems that need national attention, focus and resources directed to them. This is a powerful impact that Women’s Day can have on our country. It’s a day that brings these important problems into focus.

Although it’s not just a day about putting women’s issues back on the national agenda. August 9th also often sees many events and projects being launched that target women’s issues. It’s an important day for many female-focused organisations and NGOs that focus on women’s issues. This is a day dedicated to letting us all play our part and get involved in giving back to less fortunate women. Women’s Day is a platform to get engaged in doing more!

But there are a whole 365 days in a given year - Women’s Day represents just 24 hours of that. The day draws attention to a myriad of topics and serves a multiplicity of purposes. But it’s obviously unrealistic to think we can pile all the issues and goals of August 9th onto one day. The idea isn’t to reserve just one day a year work on the problems women face. Women’s day allows us to reflect on our progress as a country, and realign our thinking to continue to work on these pertinent issues during the rest of the year. It should inspire us to be better citizens and motivate us towards the goals it highlights! So don’t just cross the “Women’s Day duty” off your list on August 10th. Carry that powerful ethos into the rest of the year.

This is not to say that the national holiday comes without controversy - because it definitely doesn’t. For example, why is National Men’s Day not a thing? Why didn’t the new government not allocate a national holiday to  celebrating the role specifically of men in South Africa? Well, simply put... because we celebrate men everyday! There’s not as a big a risk of men being erased from history, or the achievements of men being overshadowed. Especially if we’re talking about the corporate sphere - we live in a man’s world. Men’s issues naturally tend to be at the top of the agenda. So Women’s Day isn’t about undermining the achievements and issues of men, it’s about bringing equal attention to those of women!

So Women’s Day offers amazing opportunities for branding and marketing. It gives you an excuse to target a particular section of your clientele and communicate your appreciation of them. It can be a day to launch creative, fun promotional events that align your brand with important values and spread awareness at the same time.  Take a look at our amazing range of Women’s Day Gift Ideas to inspire you this August 9th. We items to cover everything - from amazing promotional items for you female customers to luxury gifts for an esteemed client or colleague. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to add depth to your brand, and clarify the values you uphold. Browse through our collection or contact us via email or on 0861 111 954 and one of our account executives will be happy to assist you with Women’s Day gift ideas. We look forward to helping you!