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Winter Promotional Gifts

Winter promotional gifts will keep your customer snug and grateful for warmth this colder season. Give them that extra layer of protection as they brace against the cold outdoors with your promotional beanies, gloves and scarves. Or give them an excuse to stay curled up inside with cozy branded blanket.

Grabbing a fluffy branded scarf on your way out the door, or being handed a comfy beanie at an outdoor event can be a lifeline! The change of season means our needs universally change - and winter promotional gifts can meet them. Predict the needs of your customers by providing them with a winter promotional item to keep them cozy. 

If you're looking warm winter jackets have a look through our Altitude Jackets selection.

Winter Promo Ideas

Winter promo ideas are an amazing way to take advantage of winter themed corporate gifts. Our range has everything you need for a seasonal giveaway! For more winter promo ideas, we recommend our fleece and sweaters page, bodywarmers page and jackets page. Our range of ceramic mugs and flasks also has a great selection of insulating drinkware to keep your coffee steaming this winter. Please call us on 0861 111 954 or email us, and an account executive would be more than happy to suggest Winter promo ideas to you. 


Promotional Beanies

Promotional beanies are an indispensable part of a winter outfit. They’re the cherry on top of dressing against the cold, keeping you warm and cosy. Whether they’re a giveaway item or part of your corporate uniform, promotional beanies are an incredible vehicle for increasing brand awareness. Keep your logo atop your customers heads to keep your brand name top of mind over the winter season!

A promotional beanie is an item guaranteed to get a lot of usage. It’s an easy addition to throw on to take your warmth to the next level! Beanies provide extra toastiness, without the awkwardness and inhibited movement that adding more layers usually leads to. They allow your logo to be distinctively emblazoned at eye level, making this an effective and powerful promotional product. Promotional beanies take advantage of the cold weather to increase brand exposure for your business. 


Corporate Beanies

Corporate beanies make an excellent addition to your winter uniform. Make sure your staff are uniformed and professional in the colder months with your customised corporate beanies. Uniforms need to adapt to the winter if the consistency and professionalism a uniform provides are to be maintained all year round. 

Corporate beanies are the perfect branded item to compliment your corporate uniform! Make sure you make a consistent and positive impression on your customer no matter the weather!


Custom Beanies Wholesale 

Custom beanies wholesale - we are wholesale suppliers of custom beanies. We recognise the incredible marketing potential of branded beanies. With various branding options available and a ton of colour and style options on offer, we provide you with the building blocks to buy custom beanies wholesale. Design your own beanie consistent with your corporate identity!


Promotional Gloves

Promotional gloves - your customers are sure to give you an enthusiastic thumbs up in their toasty promotional gloves over the colder season. Keep your brand familiar and top of mind this winter with our range of promotional gloves. This is the perfect product to serve as a platform for increased brand exposure. Ideal for that team building exercise outdoors, the early morning winter commutes or staff going into the field. Promotional gloves ensure there’s warmth in the extremities we struggle to keep warm, so you can focus on the task at hand.


Custom Printed Gloves

Custom printed gloves are a useful item, sure to get a ton of daily use. Our unisex custom printed gloves are snug without losing dexterity. This is the perfect branded clothing addition to your winter uniform, or an ideal giveaway item. Its a cost effective choice for a functional item that can be used on a daily basis. As temperatures drop, make sure your brand awareness is on the rise. 


Corporate Scarves

Corporate scarves are a trendy and functional component of a winter uniform. They don’t just keep you warm and cosy, they add a little flair to professional attire. This is a gorgeous accessory to warm your staff or clients at the same time. Corporate scarves are a long term branding option with everyday use potential. 


Custom Embroidered Scarves

Custom embroidered scarves are a tasteful promotional product choice. Embroidery is a beautiful branding choice that increases the perceived value of your product. This is a corporate gift that has a more human and personal feel. Scarves are a great promotional item because they’re adaptable to any outfit. Our range of neutral tones available, means your scarf can be grabbed without thinking about it on the way out the door.  


Promotional Scarves

Promotional scarves are a cost effective choice, that have huge marketing potential. Brand Innovation recognises how powerful promotional scarves can be as winter promotional gifts. We are proud to be a supplier of promotional scarves and many other seasonal giveaways. Many gorgeous branding options, like embroidery, are available on these products. Please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to give you seasonal giveaways suggestions. We look forward to help you!