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Corporate Clothing South Africa, Cape Town, Johannesburg. Represent your company with pride in smart, professional and sleek corporate shirts, jackets, golf shirts and so many more excellent options!

From the petrol station attendant to the UPS driver going past, they all use corporate clothing and have corporate uniforms. These make them identifiable and unify the team. A team that works together well can do wonders for a company, and a corporate uniform can be very beneficial in bringing people together.

Why Corporate Clothing is Important

Why corporate clothing is important, sports is one example of where uniforms are very prevalent. Some of the first sports in the world started as games of strategy, and practice for battles that armies intended to have. Which means that sports are about quick thinking, they’re about planning and they are tests of physical skill and stamina. This is what makes them so competitive and popular. It’s a test to see who the best is, and everyone loves a winner.

In South Africa, we love our sports. We support our teams passionately, no matter if you prefer soccer, rugby or cricket. Any place that is home to the vuvuzela definitely wants to the whole world to know how proud we are of our sports teams. They can be a part of our everyday life, sometimes without us even realizing it. As with Corporate Clothing. A uniform unites you with your team mates. When you’re all wearing that uniform you stand for the same values and for the same goals. That is the power of a uniform.


Corporate Clothing

Corporate Clothing does more than that, of course. It keeps you clean and neat when you’re on the job. This is especially important for front of house jobs such as being a waitress or waiter. You’re up front and centre representing your employer and your business, and a good first impression can really boost a sell. Corporate clothing can be something as simple as a clean shirt with your company’s logo printed on it. But it will still make you identifiable as an employee and it will still influence a client’s impression of you if you look need at put together.

It can also spread a message about your brand, as does the way you look. If you’re neat and clean and your uniform is too then it doesn’t matter if your uniform is just a brightly coloured t shirt and a pair of jeans, you will still make a good impression. Its little things like that that make a company. Your uniform is how you choose to represent yourself. It’s how you choose to represent your company and it shows. From black and white office formal to fun and funky branded t shirts and shorts, they corporate clothing a company chooses says not only about what they do as a company, but how they see themselves.


Slazenger Clothing

Slazenger Clothing has been around enough to know what they’re talking about. They have built their reputation for excellent quality and innovative design on hard work and perseverance. Slazenger was founded in the United Kingdom in 1885. That’s 162 years of dedication to their craft. And it shows in their products. The quality of product that Slazenger provides us with is incredible. At Brand Innovation we use the jackets we sell as our own corporate uniform, and the Slazenger Catalyst was it five years ago. What’s absolutely incredible is that that jacket still looks great. Great as in it looks like it was just delivered yesterday. Which for something that has seen very regular use over the last five years is pretty impressive.

And jackets aren’t the only thing that they sell! Slazenger does shirts, golf shirts, cooler bags, backpacks and umbrellas, as well as golf shirts. Whatever your uniform needs, Slazenger is a great choice in corporate clothing.


Slazenger Golf Shirts

Slazenger Golf Shirts give great presentation to any event you care to name, Golf Days, Sports Days, Fun Runs and just every day work about the office. A Golf shirt looks a lot more formal than just a regular t shirt, which is what gives it the edge as a corporate uniform item. And Slazenger is an excellent choice of brand for that for many reasons.

First of which is Slazenger’s long history of producing quality products. A good quality uniform item can make all the difference in the world, not only in the appearance of the employees but also in how long the uniform lasts and also how it feels. A comfortable employee is more likely to get work done than one who is battling against their own clothes.

Secondly is that the Slazenger’s association with sports goes way back. Slazenger provides the tennis balls for The Championships, Wimbledon tennis tournament and is also closely associated with golf and cricket. This means that not only are Slazenger’s clothes comfortable, but things like their golf shirts are designed for movement. This makes it a great item of clothing for use in professions where a lot of movement and comfort is required.  These are just some of the great reasons to choose Slazenger Golf Shirts.


Promo products Cape Town

Promo Products Cape Town - Promotional, or Promo, products are amazing marketing tools. Studies show that a client who receives a promotional product is six times as likely to feel like that company cares about them personally as a client who has just viewed print or digital media. Making someone feel special can be an incredibly important tool because most people are inclined to act on their emotions. The same study shows that a client who has received a promotional gift is twice as likely to feel loyal to the company that gave it to them and three times as likely to get out there into the wide world and support them as the client who just got to see the adverts.

This just proves that even in our digital age where advertising can be seen on every screen and billboard across the globe, the personal touch still wins out when it comes to promotional products.
A great promotional product is a t shirt. Everywhere a t shirt goes it gets noticed, especially when it has branding on it. There’s just something about a graphic design that people can’t help but look at. Which when its walking down a busy street, makes it an incredibly powerful Promotional Product.


Corporate Clothing Johannesburg

Corporate clothing Johannesburg, we’re a supplier of these beautiful corporate clothing items all across South Africa, from the Mother City all the way to Johannesburg, our very own City of Gold. Being a nationwide supplier of corporate clothing, we have something for every occasion and every selection.

Corporate uniforms are important. Which is why we have the record that we do. Whether it’s for promotional purposes or if it’s for a uniform, corporate clothing makes for a really awesome way to advertise your brand.

It’s instantly recognisable, it’s your signature, and you can get these beautiful products online. Being a part of the team has never been so easy. Having branded corporate clothing is like writing your signature all across your company. From your stationery to the building that you’re in. Your employees are often the face of your company, the first thing that your clients will see. You can make them stand out from your competition by having the best corporate uniform around.

Sure your company walks the walk and they can talk the talk, but with a branded corporate uniform they can look the part too. First impressions can have a lot of influence on how people interact with your brand. On top of making your employees look very smart, a corporate uniform is also an invitation for your clients to approach your staff.


Best corporate gift company in South Africa

Best corporate gift company in South Africa, if you asked anyone at Brand Innovation who the best corporate gift company in South Africa is, they would tell you, “We are!” Because we genuinely believe that we are the best. We believe that with all our hearts, and we are doing our absolute best every day to be even better. That’s because we care about our customers, and we want them to have the best possible service and products that we can provide.  We have a dedication to our clients and to ourselves, to be the Best Corporate Gift Company in South Africa and to be the top provider of Corporate Clothing South Africa.


Corporate Uniforms

Corporate uniforms aren’t just a great tool for brand awareness and promoting your brand, they have a ton of other benefits too. They affect how your company image is perceived by its customers and clients, and can have an impact on the psychology and productivity of workers.

It’s no longer the case that everyone dons a suit and tie to go to work. Whatever the corporate dress code is for your workplace, Brand Innovation has appropriate business attire and corporate uniforms! Because what we wear to work matters. Here’s why:

Brand exposure: Corporate Uniforms are a really great way of increasing your company’s brand exposure. Branded clothing functions to increase the visibility of your brand, because your logo goes wherever the wearer does.

In the workplace, while commuting, or at networking and promotional events, the corporate uniform functions like any company swag. Especially for companies with different branches, a consistent corporate uniform ensures that customers engage with your brand at every point of interaction.

Consistent corporate attire: A uniform ensures that your team are consistently professionally presented. This is important, as business attire affects your image as a company. Professional presentation sens the right impression to your customers, and clients. Corporate uniforms don’t necessarily have to be a full outfit. A branded golf shirt, for example is an excellent uniform item - comfortable, while still professional.

Team building: a uniform is a very visual symbol of unity in the workplace. It equalises employees and can promote a sense of camaraderie amongst workers. The feeling of being in a team is an important component of loyalty and company pride.


Corporate Attire

Corporate attrie, appropriate corporate attire is not as rigid as it used to be - different levels of formality are fitting for different industries and workplace cultures. An increasingly popular choice for branded corporate attire is golf shirts. These are perfect for the professional world, as they are lightweight, comfortable and understatedly sophisticated. Because they have minimal designs and are available in so many colours and weights they’re very customisable to your brand identity. We supply over 150 different styles of golf shirts!


Corporate Clothing Brands

Corporate clothing brands guarantee that you’re receiving a quality, long lasting, stylish product. Here are some of the corporate clothing brands we carry:

  • Slazenger
  • Elevate
  • Gary Player
  • Cutter & Buck
  • Barron
  • US Basic


Uniform suppliers Cape Town

Uniform suppliers Cape Town, Brand Innovation are uniform suppliers in Cape Town. We don’t just source and supply branded clothing in the Mother City - we deliver door-to-door anywhere in South Africa. As uniform suppliers in Cape Town we supply conti suits, high visibility clothing, bush shirts, lounge shirts, pitt shirts and golf shirts. Go over to our Corporate Clothing catalogue to browse through our full selection.

To chat to an account executive about branding services on offer and available products, contact us via email info@brandinnovation.co.za or call 0861 111 954.