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Barron Clothing South Africa

Barron clothing, is the go-to brand for all your workwear, reflective jackets, conti-suits, high visibility clothing, safety workwear and so many more protective clothing.



Barron Clothing is one of the largest corporate clothing brands in Africa. Established in 1990, this well known brand has been in South Africa for 25 year and is still the no.1 choice for branded clothing amongst many. The Barron Clothing Catalogue includes a large variety of promotional clothing, workwear, kids clothing and safety wear to choose from. 

Custom construction jackets provide your company with a safe and durable jacket. Your staff will be comfortable and feel secure no matter the job. Ensure your brand is visible as well as your employees. Branding your logo onto a construction jacket not only makes your staff feel pride towards their place of employment, your branded jacket is also exposed to everyone passing by. 

Fluorescent vest tops are lightweight and vibrant. Ensure your staff are seen from miles away with a reflective vest. Available in bright colours, yellow, orange, pink, navy or green. Staff working in or around dangerous environments such as mines, on construction sites and in factories should be wearing high visibility vests to protect their safety. 

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Barron Golf Shirts

Barron golf shirts supplier in South Africa. Our range of corporate and promotional golf shirts offer your brand or business excellent branding value and long lasting use. Branded golf shirts make a great addition to corporate uniforms to help unify your company look and boost your brand identity. Golf shirts with logos on are also ideal for golf days, sports events or any outdoor event. 

Golf shirts are a staple branded clothing item for a variety of corporate or promotional events. Comfortable, classy and excellent quality. Barron golf shirts are available in a selection of styles, colours, sizes and fabrics for men, women and kids. 


Barron Clothing

Barron is a brand of work and corporate wear that is incredibly popular and is well known in South Africa as a quality brand full of beautiful quality products. The Barron catalogue has a range of products that extends from mercerised cotton golf shirts for the executive to reflective and protective workwear.

Barron Shirts South Africa

Barron shirts South Africa, for your corporate uniforms or promotional needs. We can brand your logo on t-shirts, golf shirts, safety vests, reflective bibs, jackets and so many more corporate uniform garments and clothing items. Shirts and t-shirts are one of the best ways to expose your brand to a large amount of people. Imagine your branded shirts, golf shirts or t-shirts at every sporting event, function, conference, expo, golf day, trade show, promotion stand, school, university and beyond!

A branded shirt offers your company long lasting branding value and many chances of visibility and brand exposure. A shirt can be worn many times over, which means your brand will be seen by everyone many times over.


Barron South Africa

Barron South Africa is a well established corporate clothing and workwear brand that has been supplying safety clothing, promotional clothing and many other corporate uniform items across South Africa for over 25 years.


Barron Clothing Catalogue South Africa

Barron clothing catalogue South Africa, we supply in South Africa include high visibility and reflective workwear options. Great quality, excellent branding value and sure to keep your staff members out of danger with vibrant and durable safety clothing items. Yellow safety vests are a staple for many construction, mining, agriculture, factory and outdoor industries. Reflective vests are made in a neon yellow colour, to ensure high visibility rates for such workers.


Barron Corporate Clothing

Barron corporate clothing suppliers in South Africa, we are the premium supplier of corporate clothing, corporate gifts, safety workwear, promotional clothing, promotional products and all your marketing merchandise. Promotional clothing is a fantastic marketing tool for promoting your brand message or expanding the exposure of your company. Safety workwear not only protects your staff, it projects your brand to everyone who comes into contact with it. 

Branded clothing performs to functions, one is to provide your company with a unified uniform and look and the second is to present your logo to the world. Clothing with your logo on has immense power to subtly become part of people’s daily lives.


Barron Clothing Johannesburg

Barron clothing Johannesburg, we supply all over South Africa. Our range of barron clothing includes; padded safety jackets, reflective vests, reflective t-shirts, high visibility t-shirts, canvas shoes, long sleeve safety shirts, high visibility fleece jackets, high visibility golf shirts, reflective caps, bucket hats, tracksuits, conti-suits and so many more great safety workwear.

Safety clothing comprises of a range of high visibility and reflective clothing, to protect workers and ensure their safety.  Barron clothing is designed with workers daily environments in mind, from mines, factories, road work, construction sites to any outdoor work. Protective clothing comes in bright colours, typically neon yellow or orange and made with high visibility and reflective materials. 


Barron Workwear Catalogue

Barron workwear catalogue offers an extensive range of safety workwear options for your company uniform. Brand your company logo on any of the following items for great brand exposure.


Workwear catalogue:

  • Reflective Conti-suits
  • Reflective rain suits
  • Reflective sleeveless vests
  • Reflective long sleeve vests
  • Reflective trousers
  • Reflective jackets
  • Reflective safety backpacks
  • Reflective caps
  • Reflective golf shirts


Barron Clothing Pretoria

Barron clothing Pretoria, offers an excellent range of corporate clothing, promotional clothing, clothing for kids, high visibility clothing, reflective clothing, canvas shoes, reflective caps, golf shirts, sports clothing, tracksuits and safety workwear. Reflective clothing is extremely important for professions and industries that require safety workwear, which provide protection from harmful environments. 

Clothing with reflective appearance, high visibility colours and made with safety functionalities are useful in mines, on construction sites and in factories is necessary to prevent injuries. Light reflective clothing is bright in colour and provides high levels of visibility. Reflective clothing includes, high visibility vest, bibs, jackets, conti-suits, tracksuits and shirts. Ideal for miners, factory workers, builders, road work staff and any job requiring bright safety wear. 


Barrons Clothing Durban

Barrons clothing Durban, company uniforms are a huge part of your brand representation and brand identity. Complete your company presentation with a stunning branded safety jacket. Brand your logo on the jacket for excellent exposure and visibility among staff and beyond. Reflective jackets provide great visibility for miners, factory workers or constructors during their work activities. Safety jackets suppliers in South Africa, we distribute across the country and deliver door-to-door. Corporate jackets are a top-seller that make a great addition to every corporate uniform. 


Barron Clothing Boksburg

Barron clothing Boksburg, we supply across South Africa nationwide. Our wide variety of sports clothing, corporate workwear, safety clothing, reflective clothing, high visibility garments and so much is available to you. 

Brand your logo on any of our corporate and promotional clothing for great brand exposure and expand the visibility of your brand to everyone. Keeping your brand top of mind in a world of instant access to everything and everyone is becoming more difficult, with branded clothing you can reach many people. 


Barron Clothing Bloemfontein

Barron clothing Bloemfontein - brand your logo onto corporate workwear and enhance the reach of your business. Ensure your brand is visible to everyone, from people interacting with your employees, to people walking past your staff. Branded corporate clothing grants your brand excellent opportunities for business and your brand being seen. Keep your staff warm during the winter months with stylish corporate jackets and comfortable during the summer months with corporate shirts, while keeping your brand top of mind.


Barron T-shirts

Barron t-shirts can be branded with your logo to enhance the exposure of brand and gain great branding visibility. Ensure that your company name is seen by everyone daily, in the streets, in the mall, on the job or in the gym. Wherever your staff wear your branded t-shirt, on or off the job, make sure people spot your logo and name. 


Barron Clothing Contact Details

Barron clothing contact details - Brand Innovation supplies Barron clothing across South Africa. We can brand your logo onto any of the corporate clothing items; from jackets, caps, trousers, shirts, vests, bibs to conti-suits. Keep your company name exposed and top of mind while keeping your staff geared up for any on the job demand. Many jobs that require safety workwear, are outside jobs like construction or municipality work, where workers come into contact with various people from all walks of life.

A range like this is great for any company who needs a selection of different corporate clothing. It means that you can depend on a single brand to provide you with all the beautiful branded workwear that you need for every level of the company.


From golfers and high visibility jackets to hard hats and reflective caps, Barron has something for everyone in their range of products. Having a brand that you can trust in as a part of your company workwear can give you great peace of mind.


Barron has a history of producing corporate and promotional clothing that you can depend on for all your office and construction needs. With a history of experience that’s over two decades and a reputation as one of the most trusted corporate wear companies on the African continent, Barron is a brand that you can put your faith in! You can find that out for yourself by ordering from our selection of Barron Clothing.