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Game Lodge Clothing

Game lodge clothing - Let your staff blend into their natural surroundings, and stand out as professionals with our range of game lodge clothing. And we’re not talking about the cumbersome explorer outfits that monocled Englishmen wore in our safari storybooks. Bush shirts and safari shirts strike a balance between a lightweight and professional corporate clothing item, and practical durable outdoor wear. This is a contemporary, cutting edge uniform choice for your game lodge uniforms.

Bush Shirts

Bush Shirts and Safari Clothing are a staple of South Africa. We supply these fantastic branded bush shirts for game reserves and lodges throughout Africa. If you are looking for the perfect khaki clothing range for your company, see our selection below:

Game Reserves in South Africa

Game Reserves in South Africa - for many foreigners the idea of coming to South African or African game lodge is an absolute dream come true. For most people, to go on safari means experiencing a once in a lifetime experience. It's a rare opportunity to interact with the wildlife they will otherwise only see through a screen, narrated by David Attenborough! It’s no wonder that Game Reserves in South Africa are such a huge pull factor for people to visit our country and continent.


African Game Lodge

African Game Lodge - the game reserve and safari industry is no small matter. Africa is the world’s number 1 safari destination and the continent sees more than 30 million annual tourists. Tourism supports 10% of South African jobs and makes up nearly 3% of our GDP. More South Africans work in tourism than in mining! South Africa boasts many of the world’s multi award winning lodges, luxury African game lodges and game reserves. The African game lodge and reserves take advantage of the unique African beauty and wildlife that are our continent’s competitive edge.

Game Lodge Uniforms

Game lodge uniforms - with the significance of African game reserves in mind, it’s easy to see how important a professionally and appropriately attired safari staff is. These are the people who are the ambassadors of your brand at the points of interaction with customers. They are the people who will make tourists feel secure and looked after in a new environment. It’s absolutely essential that their professionalism and experience is conveyed in a understated and sophisticated uniform.


Safari Clothing Suppliers

Safari clothing suppliers - we recognise that game lodge uniforms need to do a great deal more than standard uniforms. They must of course be smart and professional, but they must also be well suited to work that has physical and outdoor aspects. Our range ticks all of these necessary boxes, to provide you with the best game lodge uniforms.

As safari clothing suppliers, we have options available in a range of neutral and khaki tones, to provide the perfect building blocks for your customisable uniform. Our men’s cuts have women’s counterparts to ensure that your uniform is form-fitting and sleek on everyone.


Khaki Clothing

Khaki clothing - so why did we settle on the khaki and neutral colours that are popular in safari shirts and bush shirts?

Many people still think it’s about being camouflaged for your safety, blending into your surroundings so that you won’t be spotted by animals and predators. This may be true to a degree for some. But most safari-goers won’t ever leave their safari vehicle, so being camouflaged is not actually that important.

In fact there’s a very everyday practical reason! If there’s one guarantee on safari, it’s this: there will be dust. And choosing clothing colours that don’t show the dirt is just much more convenient. In the case of lodge workers and tour guides, it’s also important in terms of keeping your attire smart and looking professional.


Khaki shirts

Khaki shirts - so white safari shirts and bush shirts are a no-go, because they quickly start to show the dirt. But darker tones bring their own problems. For staff that can expect to spend their days under the African sun, black and darker clothing can be absolutely stifling. Khaki and neutral tones are the happy medium that solves these two problems. It will keep you cool and comfortable, while looking smart and professional! This is how we settled on the beige and khaki tones that are prevalent in safari clothing.


Safari Clothing South Africa

Safari clothing South Africa - even if you’re working in the wild, it’s important to look like a professional! Safari clothing is designed to keep the outdoor professional feeling comfortable and looking subtly sophisticated. This safari clothing range is so versatile it’s suited for any working environment. It’s also offers unique giveaway items for travel and tourism companies!


Safari clothing is a great corporate clothing choice, because it’s:


  • Professional yet comfortable
  • An understated and neutral item
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Protects you from the elements and foliage
  • A subtle choice to let your branding take center stage


It’ll provide everything you need from bundu bashing to keeping you comfortable behind a desk. This is the obviously perfect corporate clothing option for the tourism, safari and agricultural industries. But it’s also a great comfortable and professional choice for any workplace!


Safari Shirt

A safari shirt is the staple component of safari clothing. Light, comfortable, and designed to protect you from rain or shine, it’s a versatile workplace item. Brand Innovation supplies a range of safari shirts in neutral shades. Both long and short sleeve options are available, with female counterparts to every male style. This means this practical item is also a stylish and form-fitting choice to see you through all the seasons.  


Safari Uniform

Safari Uniform - much of our economy in South Africa rests on the tourism industry - so the importance of the men and women who work on our game farms or lead tours cannot be understated. And looking professional is no small matter! Safari staff are interacting with foreigners and tourists on the daily, so it doesn’t just affect the perception of your brand, it affects the impression people have of the country as a whole.

We know that uniforms can have an important positive psychological impact on workers and customers alike. A uniformed staff is a very visual symbol of teamwork and unity. A safari uniform can be an important aspect of building a brand. If you want to associate your brand with a level of professionalism and quality service, a smart uniform allows your team to look consistently professional. It’s the first step to building an impression that your business can be trusted.

While generating a level of trust is important for all brands, some of your customers may be around wildlife or on the continent for the first time ever. It’s even more essential to make customers in an unfamiliar environment feel at ease. Let your guests know they’re not in the hands of amateurs, with a sharp and stylish safari uniform.

Brand Innovation is a proud supplier of safari clothing in South Africa - our Bush Shirts selection offers a great range. We’d love to assist with your corporate clothing and branding needs. Please contact us via email or on 0861 111 954 and one of our account executives will be happy to help you!