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Game Lodge Clothing

Game lodge clothing - Let your staff blend into their natural surroundings, and stand out as professionals with our range of game lodge clothing. And we’re not talking about the cumbersome explorer outfits that monocled Englishmen wore in our safari storybooks. Bush shirts and safari shirts strike a balance between a lightweight and professional corporate clothing item, and practical durable outdoor wear. This is a contemporary, cutting edge uniform choice for your game lodge uniforms.


Game Reserves in South Africa

Game Reserves in South Africa - for many foreigners the idea of coming to South African or African game lodge is an absolute dream come true. For most people, to go on safari means experiencing a once in a lifetime experience. It's a rare opportunity to interact with the wildlife they will otherwise only see through a screen, narrated by David Attenborough! It’s no wonder that Game Reserves in South Africa are such a huge pull factor for people to visit our country and continent.

African Game Lodge

African Game Lodge - the game reserve and safari industry is no small matter. Africa is the world’s number 1 safari destination and the continent sees more than 30 million annual tourists. Tourism supports 10% of South African jobs and makes up nearly 3% of our GDP. More South Africans work in tourism than in mining! South Africa boasts many of the world’s multi award winning lodges, luxury African game lodges and game reserves. The African game lodge and reserves take advantage of the unique African beauty and wildlife that are our continent’s competitive edge.


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