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Conti suits South Africa - conti suits and overalls have been providing a protective layer of clothing to workers since  as far back as the 1920s! Conti suits balance professionalism with functionality. This uniform ensures your staff are ambassadors for your brand and clothed in an outfit best suited to the working day ahead. Our conti suits in South Africa are:

Durable - with additional reinforcement at stress points

Practical - offering protection, freedom of movement, and ample pocket room

Customisable - available in various colours or denim, with various branding options


Coveralls - also known as boiler suits or coveralls, conti suits have been used as everything from flight suits in WWII to the uniforms of the French police. This is just testament to the incredible versatility and durability of conti suits as a uniform - the ideal uniform choice for your employees.

Coveralls provide a practical uniform for any staff member whose day involves physical and outdoor work. The full body coverage of coveralls protects the clothing underneath from dirt, and protects your staff from the elements. Our quality conti suits are made from a polycotton twill, to allow the comfort and freedom of movement necessary to focus on the job at hand, uninhibited. Coveralls are a minimally designed uniform item, with a focus on durability and practicality. This makes them an easily customised uniform, with ample room for branding and logos.


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