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Winter Jackets South Africa are always in demand. Our range includes rain jackets, soft shell jackets, fleece jackets or parka jackets. Choose from top brand name winter jackets, including Slazenger, Altitude, Barron, Gary Player and more.

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Winter jackets

Get winter jackets with Corporate branding.  You have to admit that a team wearing winter jackets will always look smart. We offer branded winter jackets appropriate for every season, in a variety of colours and styles - these include soft shell jackets, fleece jackets, parkas, and rain jackets. Please see our collection below for a jacket best suited to your company’s brand.

If you're looking for more casual or sporty jackets we suplpy a wide range branded Hoodies and Tracksuits.

Why are corporate Winter jackets useful for my brand/company?

1. Long lasting branding value

Corporate jackets offer your brand or company long lasting branding value, as they are branded clothing items that have a long lifespan. Jackets can be worn for many years and for many occasions. 

2. Helps to cultivate your brand identity

Branded jackets act as brand representatives for your company, they are clothing items that people come into direct contact with and see on a daily basis. This helps create brand association and make people familiar with your logo. 

3. Creates a brand uniformity 

Corporate uniforms are excellent for helping your brand or company presents itself on a professional level where people are able to identify your company. If all your staff and employees wear the same branded jacket, there is a higher chance of people recognising your company. 


Corporate Winter Jackets

Corporate jackets are a staple clothing item for your company uniform to keep your staff warm and comfortable while marketing your company logo professionally. 

Branded jackets with your company logo offers you optimal branding exposure, high-levels of brand visibility and excellent branding value for a long time. 

Jackets have a long life, are always in need and will constantly be in use. 

Imagine everyone in your company wearing your branded company jacket, your logo will always be top of mind. 

Corporate jackets help to create uniformity, smart representation of your company and a sense of solidarity amongst staff. 

Company jackets also make fantastic branded corporate gifts for your executive clients or staff members. A very useful garment that can be worn many times over and will always keep your brand visible. 

Company uniforms are important for maintaining a presentable image of your company that helps to ensure your brand identity is consistent and professional. 

We supply a superb range of corporate branded jackets including:

  • Soft shell jackets

  • Fleece jackets

  • Jackets for women

  • Jackets for men

  • Rain jackets

  • Jackets with hoods

  • Parkas

  • Padded bomber jackets


Our branded jackets catalogue offers a selection of colours, sizes and styles for men, women and children. 


Branded Winter Jackets For Schools 

Branded jackets for schools are essential clothing items to add to your school uniform. 

Excellent for the winter months to keep everyone warm in the classroom and on the playground. We supply a range of jackets that can be branded with your school logo. 

Branded school jackets are smart looking and provide comfort and warmth for your learners. 

Our wide variety of jackets include:

  • Rain jackets

  • Jackets with hoods

  • Softshell jackets

  • Padded bomber jackets

  • Puffer jackets


The range of jackets we supply are high-quality, that offer your brand long lasting branding value and use. Kit out your school shop with great branded school jackets and more!

A school’s uniform is an essential part in maintaining the school’s reputation and by default learners wearing school clothing present and represent the school. 

Present your school with high-quality branded jackets that will showcase your school with pride. 

Learners spend majority of their day in school clothing, ensure they are protected from cold weather, feel comfortable in classes and when they wear their school jackets outside of school, represent the school well. 

We supply and brand school jackets for sports teams, tours, school camps and events. 

Complete your school uniform with branded jackets, branded hoodies, branded sport kits, branded socks, branded scarves, branded beanies, branded gloves and so many more excellent quality school clothing. 


Branded Jackets For Universities South Africa

Branded jackets for universities South Africa are a highly successful way of promoting your university name and growing your reach. 

Universities are in essence a brand, as they uphold a reputation, have an established brand identity and continue a brand awareness through student admissions. 

University is a privilege to attend and an honourable achievement to graduate, branded jackets is one way of instilling continued pride for the university by students.

Jackets can be kept for many years, providing students with great memories of their time and long lasting branding value for the university. 

Even after students graduate and continue on with their careers and lives, they will treasure and keep their branded jacket as a meaningful memento. 

Branded clothing is an extremely valuable item that provides your institution, company, organisation or brand with priceless branding exposure and visibility. Exposure to your branded university jackets creates a positive association with your institution. 

Branded jackets for universities in South Africa can be worn to rugby and other sports games to show support and help create commardory. University jackets will also be a great addition to every students wardrobe, so your branded jacket will be spotted around town! 


Branded Team Jackets

Branded team jackets for your sports team, school team, sports tours and sporting events. 

Our selection of branded jackets offer your team the best in performance, quality and comfort. 

Jackets with your sports team logo offers you optimal branding exposure and high-levels of brand visibility. 

Imagine every time a team member is seen on TV, appears in photographs or is spotted in the public eye, they are wearing your branded sports jacket, golf shirt, tracksuit or t-shirt.

Branded team clothing unite players, make them feel part of something and instill a deep sense of pride.


Winter Jackets are a must as part of any corporate clothing unifrom. Our collection is curated to include some of the leading worldwide brands of corporate wear.

These brand names offer you the assurance that you’re receiving a quality, long lasting product to effectively keep you wrapped up warm and protected from the elements. Some of the notable brands we carry are:

  • Elevate
  • Slazenger
  • Gary Player
  • US Basic
  • Altitude

A corporate branded jacket is a functional, stylish corporate gift that is bound to get ample usage. We all welcome an additional jacket to our wardrobe to keep us snug!

Winter is a time when we can really show that we care for our staff and ensure that our entire team has a winter jacket.

Our stock holding is great, so you can usually be assured of purchasing a team winter jacket for all your staff, no matter how large your workforce is.

Work Uniform Jackets

Work uniform jackets make an excellent compliment to any work uniform. They’re stylish but minimalist. This means they’re a versatile product suited to any outfit or any office wear. The simple and classic cuts are the perfect building blocks to customise your work uniform jackets to suit your brand identity. Choose from an array of styles, colours and branding options to build a product that isn’t just a great uniform, but an excellent vehicle for brand exposure.


Buy Jackets Online

Buy jackets online with Brand Innovation! We are a leading supplier of corporate clothing in South Africa. To learn more about our catalogue of jackets, or if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us via email or on 0861 111 954 and one of our account executives will be happy to hep you!

Winter Jackets

Brand Innovation is one of the top suppliers of winter jackets in South Africa. We are waiting to assist you with your corporate branded jackets.