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Branded Tracksuits for Sports Teams

Branded tracksuits for sports teams are an essential part of a sports uniform. Necessary for those early morning warm ups and commutes to matches, a tracksuit provides warmth and comfort to your team, whilst still looking uniformed. Branded tracksuits for sports teams are specifically designed to keep your muscles warm, while allowing enough freedom of movement to not inhibit physical activity.
Branded Tracksuits suppliers in South Africa. We supply awesome tracksuits for teams and athletes. You can purchase the tracksuit pants and top separately or as a complete set. We also brand these suits with your team or sponsor logos.

if you're looking for sportswear other than tracksuits browse our BRT sportswear range by Barron Clothing.

A uniform is a significant part of sports play - it’s a very visual reminder that you’re part of a team. A sense of camaraderie in team sport is an important factor in motivating players to perform at their best! But sports team uniforms don’t just impact on the team itself - it also has a psychological impact on your opponents. Studies have shown that sports uniform colour and appearance can influence how your team is perceived from the outside. This is why presenting as a current, smart and uniformed team is so necessary!

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Sports Tracksuit

A sports tracksuit is an important component of a uniform, because it ensures that the uniformed appearance of your team can be maintained off the field. The team’s brand and sponsors are exposed wherever the team travels, making it increasingly familiar through the branded sports tracksuits. Sports tracksuits are an easily customisable branded clothing item. There are many different styles available in different colours, with ample room for personalised branding and names of sponsors.

Tracksuit brands

We supply tracksuit brands renowned for their high quality, stylishness and durability. For our full range of tracksuit brands, take a look at our Tracksuits page. Some examples of the tracksuits we supply are:

  • Physical Tracksuits: these tracksuit sets are available in a trendy contrasting white and colour designs. They have elastic waistbands, elastic cuffs and ankle zips. Mens and womens sets are available, to achieve the most flattering cut.
  • Splice Unisex Track Top: this stylish two toned tracksuit top is complete with interior and exterior pockets, adjustable closure sleeves and elastic cord in the bottom hem. It has opening in the lining to allow for print and embroidery, and is available in many different colour combinations.
  • Splice Unisex Track Bottoms: these tracksuit bottoms compliment the splice unisex track top. They have an elasticated waistband with a cord, 2 hand pockets and bottom leg zippers.
  • Flash Unisex Track Top: This is another trendy style option for branded tracksuits for sports teams. It has elasticated cuffs with velcro closures, exterior and interior pockets and an elastic cord with stoppers in the bottom hem.
  • Flash Unisex Track Bottoms: these tracksuit bottoms have detailing that compliments the flash unisex track top. It has an elasticated waistband with a cord and bottom leg zippers to the knee.
  • US Basic Unisex Arena Tracksuit: this tracksuit is a super sophisticated, sleek and minimal style choice. It’s available in a range of colours, as well as kids sizes.
  • US Basic Unisex Stadium Tracksuit: this unisex tracksuit set is available in many colours as well as kids sizes. Attention has been paid to stylish detailings.


Team Jackets

Team jackets are a great standalone uniform item for sports teams. We recommend taking a look at our sportswear brands, particularly our range of Slazenger jackets. As well as team jackets, we supply a vast range of golf shorts, a stylish choice for sports uniforms. We stock many high quality brands such as Polo, Gary Player, Cutter & Buck, US Basic and Barron.

Take a look at our corporate clothing selection, or contact us via email or 0861 111 954 to talk to an account executive about the sportswear most appropriate for you. We look forward to helping you!