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Printed T Shirts South Africa. We supply a range of great promotional t shirts printed with your custom designs. A printed shirt makes a great advertising product. Our selection of shirts include unisex shirts, mens' shirts and ladies shirts.

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Branded T-Shirts

Branded t-shirts almost need no introduction. They are the timeless classic of promotional clothing. A hallmark of corporate uniforms, and a staple of promotional giveaway items, the branded t shirt is an essential company swag item. It’s a cost effective, long term branding solution, that is guaranteed to get a great deal of use. Brand Innovation is a proud supplier of quality promotional t shirts! This is the perfect blank canvas for your branding to stand out.

If you're looking for brandable collared shirts then browse our range of promotional golf shirts.

Why are Branded T-shirts valuable?

  • 63% of millennials own branded t-shirts

  • Can be used multiple times over

  • Kept for over a year 

  • Achieves 3,400 impressions over its lifetime

  • Large branding area for your logo

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T-Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing offers an incredible vehicle for marketing. This is unlike your standard promotional item or giveaway product, because t shirt printing is a wearable form of advertising. We all have a t shirt that is our go-to for a comfy clothing choice, or our favourite shirt to wear at the gym. This is the potential t shirt printing has as a powerful advertising tool. If your customer is taking an evening jog through the suburbs in your shirt, or wearing it to the local grocery store, your logo is going with. It provides a very visible vehicle for branding. It’s an on-the-go form of advertising, providing you with an unlimited amount of exposure for your brand.

Bulk T-Shirts

Bulk T-shirts. The more comfortable or trendy your bulk t shirts, the more likely they will be grabbed by someone getting dressed and in turn provide you with more brand awareness. This is why paying attention to choosing a quality promotional t shirt is so essential. Choosing cost effective bulk t shirts does not have to mean purchasing a poor quality product. Choosing breathable, comfortable bulk t shirts simply means you’re getting more bang for your buck. A t shirt that stays unused at the back of someone’s closet can’t do any valuable marketing!


Blank T Shirt Suppliers South Africa

Blank t shirt Suppliers South Africa - blank t shirts are incredible in that they provide a minimalist foundation for you to build on. A rainbow of colours is available in various styles, to provide the perfect backdrop for your branding. Customise a blank t shirt to fit your corporate t shirt needs and to suit your brand identity.Brand Innovation are proud to be blank t shirt supplier in South Africa. We supply a range of excellent quality t-shirts from trusted brands, to ensure you’re receiving a durable and wearable product.

Blank t shirts aren’t just great giveaway items, they also make excellent uniforms. Especially for waitressing staff, retail staff and many other industries, a t shirt offers a comfortable, practical and professional uniform. A corporate uniform ensures that your staff are consistently well dressed at every point of interaction with the customer. This ensures you leave an impression of quality service and professionalism on the customer. This is an essential aspect of building a brand, and increasing brand awareness.


Wholesale Blank T shirts

Wholesale blank t shirts are an understated form of corporate wear. It offers a freedom of movement and durability to ensure your staff can focus on the work before them, uninhibited. Different industries need different degrees of formality in their uniforms and we offer different wholesale blank t shirts to meet those different needs.

Whether you need to find a uniform for your temporary staff over the busy season, or clothe your permanent staff for years to come, we offer various levels of durability and quality to target those different requirements. Find your perfect branded t shirt solution with Brand Innovation! Please contact us on 0861 111 954 or email us and we’d be happy to make suggestions to meet your branded t shirt needs.