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Corporate gifts are products that grant you the chance to connect clients with your brand or company. A branded item offers you long lasting branding value, client communication, brand exposure and continued visibility. A once-off payment for constant advertising.

For creative corporate gifts see our popular brands, Altitude Gifts and Andy Cartwright.

Corporate Gift Ideas South Africa

Corporate gifts ideas South Africa, supplied by Brand Innovation. Executive branded gifts are a fantastic way to market your brand and further promote your business. Corporate gifts provide the perfect platform for exposing your company in valuable and profitable manner. 

Unique Business Gifts For Clients 

Unique business gifts for clients are items that are different, trendy and fun. We supply a superb collection of executive gifts that will impress all of your clients and keep your company name or brand top of mind.


Think of each person entering a home, visiting an office space or walking through airports, trains or planes, your brand could be the one they spot. 


Branded corporate items such as; luggage bags, laptop bags, notebooks, executive pens, branded Bluetooth headphones, weekend bags, handbags, power banks, USB’s and so many more useful corporate gifts that will be in use daily.

Best Corporate Gift Ideas 

Best corporate gifts ideas for clients that are inexpensive. We supply a range of entry-level corporate clients gifts that are affordable and budget-friendly. Corporate gifts that don’t break the bank, can still be effective in thanking your clients or employees and be valuable for your company.  

Corporate Gift Ideas For Employees 

Corporate gift ideas for employees that are unique, useful, excellent branding value for your company and help in creating a lasting relationship between you and your employees. 


Corporate gifts for your staff is vital for a continued foundation of loyalty, trust and respect. Gifting unique products that are useful and different from the standard corporate gifts. 


Be bold and impress your employees with gifts that offer something new and refreshing to their daily lives. Our range of unique gifts include:


  • Braai tools

  • Picnic baskets

  • BBQ and cooler combo

  • Coffee or tea sets

  • High-end leather weekend bags

  • Bluetooth headphones


Business Gifts For Employees 

Business gifts for employees are an important signifier in showing your special clients or valuable staff members that you are grateful and appreciative of their business and work with corporate gifts that are reasonably priced while being sleek, professional and useful

Corporate Gift Ideas For Executives

Corporate gift ideas for executives include useful travel gifts, high-end technology items, luxury luggage and so much more! 


Imagine your branded corporate item displayed on every desk in every office, in every home, on every plane and beyond! 


A branded product travels far and wide, even when it is merely laying around in a house or placed somewhere in an office, it is being seen and your brand makes a mark in everyone’s mind who comes across it. 

Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients

Corporate gift ideas for clients are of huge value to your company, brand or business. 


Gifting clients is what connects you to them, showcases your gratitude for their business and ultimately grants you high-levels of loyalty, respect and trust. 


Corporate gifts have the power to create stable and solid client relations, gifts for executive clients are what tie you into the lives of clients. 


Your company name, logo or brand will be part of your clients daily lives with gifts that are useful, trendy and offer long lasting use. 


Client gifts go beyond creating a connection between you and your clients, they also act as ambassadors for your brand, representatives of your company that are continuously marketing for you.

Corporate Gift Baskets Cape Town

Corporate gift baskets Cape Town are the perfect way to show your recognition towards your staff’s hard work or gratitude for your corporate clients. 


Gift baskets are a great item to fill with goodies, treats, useful items and meaningful gifts. 


Gift baskets represent care and thoughtfulness, a package of products that have been put together for your employees or clients. 


Gifting is a special and valuable part of your business, it presents the human element of your company, adding that extra personal touch of acknowledgement and thankfulness. 


Clients or employees will greatly appreciate such a useful gift that continues giving, the basket can be used many times over for picnics or trips to the beach. Your company will always be tied to festive moments and helping creating memories. 


Branding gift baskets or the products inside the basket is an added bonus that will benefit your company or brand. Gain visibility and great exposure, as your branded basket or branded products are used and in sight. 

Long Service Awards Ideas

Long service awards ideas we offer can be beautifully branded with a personalised name and message with full colour branding available on certain awards.


Awarding long serving staff members like employees, teachers, department leaders and so many other appropriate positions is highly important. 


Employees long standing loyalty and hard work for your company, business, organisation or institution adds value to your business and its reputation. 


It is a significant moment to mark in someone’s life, to thank them for their time and respect them with a meaningful memory to cherish. 


Awards are also a great item for individuals who have achieved excellent results in school, sports, university, minor work accomplishments and other cases where an award is due.