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The Andy Cartwright collection is composed of classic designs with a unique modern edge and hints of African inspired vibrancy. A flawless blend of natural shapes and contemporary styles. 

Perfect end of year gifts for your corporate clients, that are useful and stylish. Add a little something extra when gifting your executive clients or long serving employees. 

A gift is an experience, an association, create a significant moment which will imprint a long lasting impression of your company.

The Andy Cartwright collection includes sleek and elegant products which are ideal as end of year gifts for clients, long service awards for staff or thoughtful gifts for potential clients. Such as; beautifully crafted pens, professional notebooks, stunning USB’s and wine glasses.

The collection also offers trendy and contemporary homeware items; cheese sets, coasters, mugs and wine accessories.

Andy Cartwright

Andy Cartwright is a South African brand that has reached international success. Our collection of products showcases a range of high-end corporate gifts and homeware. 

As a proudly South African brand, Andy Cartwright prides itself with African inspired designs and the curation of truly authentic and unique products. When you purchase a product, you are purchasing the concept, design and story. A product from this well-known brand is the purchasing of a proudly South African item and idea. 

Our range offers your company the chance to be represented by noteworthy and luxurious products which provide use in offices, hotels, conference, company events and homes. 

Andy Cartwright Gifts

Andy Carwright gifts are elegant and sophisticated with subtle notes of Africa. Items that are sure to stand out in every room and draw everyone’s eye. The perfect gifts for executive clients or potential clients. Impress and delight clients or long serving staff with gifts that are memorable and useful. 

African designs blended with a contemporary modern edge, gifts fit for any special event or significant occasion. From high-end corporate gifts for clients to stunning homeware items, the sleek range of products offers class on trend. 

Gift your clients and staff with gifts that will provide many years of great use while creating a deeper connection between them and your company. Gain excellent branding value that is long lasting and meaningful. 


Andy Cartwright South Africa

Andy Cartwright South Africa, we are a proud supplier of Andy Cartwright products in South Africa. Brand your logo, company name or marketing message on a Andy Cartwright product to enhance the experience of your gift. 

Branded corporate gifts are an essential process for showing your clients how much you appreciate them and value their business. 

Gifting clients or staff members is an important ritual in business, it helps you cultivate and maintain business relations. In addition, your brand or business is able to make connections with clients. 


Andy Cartwright Products South Africa

Andy Cartwright products South Africa, are a collection of stunning, smart and useful items. 

Designed with the intention to liven up any room and add that extra touch of elegance. Andy Cartwright items tell a story; one of vibrancy, heritage and pride. 

Andy Cartwright is a brand which has no tribal alignment, so it is not tied or connected to any specific tribes within South Africa and Africa. Making Andy Cartwright products an excellent gift which can be gifted to everyone.

In addition Andy Cartwright is not gender specific so products from this brand can be gifted to females and males. A brand which does not confirm to a tribe, race or gender, Andy Cartwright items are suitable for everyone and products that can be enjoyed by a variety of people.