Graffiti Conference Bag

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Conference Bags South Africa – This awesome bag is a rocking way to accessorise your conference. Brand Innovation is a top supplier of corporate gifts in South Africa.
Available in 3 funky colours
Also available as a Document Bag.

·  Adjustable, removable shoulder strap
·  Carry handles
·  Full colour digital branding!
·  Zipped front pocket
·  Zipped main compartment
·  Red, Blue and Black colour accents
·  Curved edges
·  600 Denier fabric
·  40cm (w) X 5cm (d) X 33cm (h)

Best Conference Giveaways

A conference bag is an amazing way to show your appreciation to your conference attendees. It’s a beautiful corporate gift that you can put even more gifts into! What’s not to love about that?

Bags are a staple item for conferences. As are promotional pens. Promotional items, are a generally accepted way of having a really cool conference.

Conferences are great places for networking and for learning. You can learn a lot about new products and services and build relationships with your business partners at events like this.

A bag is the best conference give away because it’s the item with one of the longest life-spans. A good quality brand can be used for years after it was branded.

Which means that it can spend the rest of its life advertising your conference.

Branding your conference gifts is planning for the future. In a bag full of company branded items, a bag is the one that’s likely to last the longest. Notebooks get used up, pens run out our get lost and while they are both very effective promotional gifts, the bag is what’s likely to last.

It’s also very portable. Being able to take a bag places is one of its chief features. And with that portability, your attendees can take your conference with them wherever they go, bringing attention and more hype to your event. They get this awesome conference bag, you get advertising. Everybody wins.

Gifts for Conference Attendees

·  Notebooks
·  Novelties
·  T shirts
·  Caps

Conference Gift Ideas – sometimes there’s just so much going on when you’re organising a conference that it can be overwhelming. So why not let Brand Innovation help you? We have a wide selection of awesome promotional gifts that are very suitable for conferences, including all of the above. We can supply your conference gifts and bags, brand them and deliver them to you all across South Africa and Africa.

We take care of our clients, and we’re passionate about helping people.

Conference Bag Printing

So, you’ve picked out this amazing conference bag, you know which colour you want and everything. But how are you going to apply your brand to it? We have some amazing branding options for you!

Firstly, because it’s just so exciting that we can’t leave it until last, we can do a full colour digital print on this bag! Isn’t that cool?

Yes, it really is!

Full colour is often something that companies shy away from, usually because of the price tag attached to it. When you do a full, six colour screen print, you pay a full six set up fees. One per colour.

No longer need full colour branding break the bank! A digital print allows you to have as much detail and as many colours and gradients into your branding area as you possibly can! You can brand your bag all the colours of the rainbow if you want to. The digital print will give you beautiful, crisp results.

And if you give us a high-resolution design, we can print it onto your bag in photo quality. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? We want to give you the best and most cutting-edge branding that we have.

With this you can have your custom printed conference bag just the way that you want it.

And there are even more branding options for you!

We offer screen printing on this bag in up to six colours, though a single colour print is the most cost effective option. You can also have embroidery on this bag in up to 9 colours, as well as domed stickers on your zip tabs.

Position A

·  Screen Print
·  Can take up to 6 colours
·  25cm (w) x 15cm (h)


·  Embroidery
·  Up to 9 Colours
·  9cm Diameter

Position B

·  Zip puller
·  Full colour domed sticker
·  3cm (w) x 1.5cm (h)

Something else that can produce beautiful results is mixing and matching your branding. Embroidery paired with a screen print is an awesome way to mix textures and get incredible results.

Corporate Branding South Africa

Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of corporate gifts in South Africa and Africa. We do promotional gifts Gauteng, Conference Bags Johannesburg, and we are one of the leading promotion companies Durban. So, choosing us for your corporate branding is putting your trust in good hands.

We have lots of different branding options for you and we want to give you the best possible products and branding that you can have.

Waiting on five different companies to supply you with corporate gifts can be stressful and time consuming. We’re one company and we will supply, brand and deliver! And all that in bulk. We sell conference bags wholesale.

Swag South Africa

Are you looking for a conference swag bag? Then you’re probably not from South Africa. This is a great location for international clients to have conferences. Swag is an American term for the promotional and corporate gifts that are usually in conference bags. So if you’re looking for some cool conference swag ideas then you’re on the right site! Why not have a look at some of our new corporate gifts?

Conference Bags

Conference bags are the perfect way to accessorise your conference. You can store your other promotional items inside them, they’re great for travelling and they can act as marketing for you for a long time. 

These awesome Graffiti bags are all yours to tag, and you can use them as a carryon bag if you’re flying home from your conference, and you can use it to keep your souvenirs in, or all your conference information.

You can get your perfect promotional conference gift when your choose the Graffiti Conference Bags South Africa.



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