Graffiti Document Bag

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Conference Bags – This cool document carry bag is one of our top selling conference items! Available in 5 awesome colours with two zipped pockets and colour contrasting detail, this is an amazing branded corporate gift.
This range also has a shoulder bag.

·  5 Rocking colours
·  Full colour digital branding!
·  Zipped main pocket
·  Zipped side pocket
·  Carry handle
·  Colour contrast detail
·  300 Denier fabric
·  Document bag
·  37 cm(w) X 1cm (d) X 29cm (h)

This bag is one of our best conference giveaways. When it comes to conference promotional bags in South Africa, Brand Innovation is a supplier of corporate gifts and promotional items nationwide.

It’s your conference, you want it to be memorable, you want people to come back to it. You want it to have the best promotional gifts that any conference has ever seen.

Cool conference giveaways can influence how your attendees view your event. A freebie always impresses, and studies have shown that promotional gifts have a positive influence on how people view brands.

Conferences are a big deal. They’re often places that people can learn more about companies and what they offer. A conference is a superb networking opportunity, so it pays to impress. Conferences can be the building blocks that suppliers and companies use to build relationship. Having a personal relationship with your suppliers and distributors can go a long way in business. And not just with suppliers. Conferences can be a way that companies build relationships with their clients.

And don’t you want to impress?

What about a conference bag?

A conference bag with promotional gifts inside makes for amazing corporate branded gifts.

Conference Gift Ideas

·  A conference bag
·  Pens
·  Notebooks
·  Powerbanks
·  T shirts
·  Water Bottles

Company Branded Items are a great way to let your attendees take your conference home with them. Which is where we come into this. Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of corporate gifts. Branded corporate gifts. And we very firmly believe that we’re the best. Why not give us the opportunity to prove that to you?

Bags are an incredibly popular way to not only give gifts to your attendees but also create a more interest about your event for the next one.

How would it do that? It’s a bag for this year’s conference, how can it create more hype for the next one? It can do that by doing what it does best: being a bag.

With women particularly, bags go everywhere. This is where the lack of pockets in women’s clothing works in your favour. A bag like, oh, say the Graffiti Document Carrier, is something that your conference attendees can use to carry all their conference paraphernalia around in.

And it can also be used afterwards to carry other things around with them. A conference bag often a kind of status symbol. You went to Bag Con 2k17. You get bragging rights. Everyone who knows you and is in the same industry thinks you’re incredibly lucky. They would have loved to have gone to that conference and been given all the cool things that you got!

So next year, they may very well suggest that someone from their company attends your conference.
And that means more business for you. Win-win, right?

Gifts for conference attendees are more than just good marketing, of course. They serve a practical function too. Very often people have to travel to attend conferences. Companies come all the way from America to have conferences and summits in South Africa. And when you’re travelling that kind of distance - or even from Cape Town to Johannesburg – the last thing you want to do is bring your whole desk with you.

A document bag like this can be used as a conference bag and it provides the perfect amount of space for your attendees to stash their things. Keys, phone, paper, pen? Check, check, check, check!

There it is, all at your fingertips in this conveniently sized, cool bag.

If it’s a conference intent on educating people about a new product or a new way of doing things then a document carrier is an awesome way to carry all your stationery around with you. Which is perfect because rummaging in your other bag for a pen can be noisy and disturbing for other conference goers.

So this bag is just the right size to fit an A4 notebook, and it has a smaller, zipped side pocket so that you can store your pens and things in there.

(Bonus points if there’s a promotional pen already in there!)

Conference Bag Printing

A custom printed conference bag makes more of a splash than just a plain old tote or document pouch. And they have a life beyond this conference. By putting your branding on your conference bag you’re thinking long term! Your bag will be advertising your event long after you have printed it.

This bag is a stellar choice for branding because it has lots of space of branding areas for you to take advantage of.

Position A (lower front of the bag)

·  Screen Print
·  Can take up to 6 colours
·  27cm (w) x 12cm (h)


·  Embroidery
·  Up to 9 Colours
·  9cm Diameter

Position B

·  Screen Print
·  Up to 6 colours
·  27cm (w) x 4cm (h)

Position C

·  Zip puller
·  Full colour domed sticker
·  3cm (w) x 1.5cm (h)

But wait, there’s more!

This bag is one of our items on which we can do full colour digital branding!

Which is AMAZING!

In terms of promotional products, full colour branding is often thought of as something that is going to be insanely expensive and completely unobtainable for most companies. No more!

A one colour screen print may be cost effective, but a digital print like this comes with so many benefits!
First things first, it’s full colour! You can have eye-catching, full colour branding with fine detail with this full colour printing.

Secondly, if you give us photo quality images then we can give you photo quality results. No longer need your logo gave to be simplified and dulled down to fit the branding requirements. We want to give our customers the cutting edge in branding, and this is it. You can print a rainbow on your bag if you want to! With as much colour, colour gradients, shading and small text as you want.

Thirdly, when you do a screen print, then there is a risk of the ink bleeding a little and your design not being as crisp as you might want it to be. But with a full colour digital print, you have a crisp finish on your design.

Your custom printed conference bag can be made a reality with Brand Innovation and our full colour printing!

Corporate Branding South Africa

Branding your corporate items is the smart thing to do. The same way if you like it you should put a ring on it, if you want those corporate items, and you want someone to remember you for them, then putting your brand on your products is a great way to go.

That way when someone is pleased with your service or your product, then they know exactly who to thank and who to recommend to all of your friends.

You want the best looking promotional gifts for your conference attendees. You want them to know exactly how much you value them as clients.

This is yet another reason why you’re on the Brand Innovation website. We have a history of 11 years of service. We provide quality, we provide quantity and we do it with smiles all around the office. Our team is passionate about helping people, and we want you to have the best conference you can have.

Organising a conference can be a very stressful experience. There’s so much to do! Venues, chairs, tables, foods, banners, media, photographers, corporate gifts! It’s enough to make your head spin.

Fortunately, you can scratch at least one thing off your list by letting Brand Innovation help you and get you your corporate gifts branded for your conference. We’ve got you covered from t shirts to tech.

And bags, that conference bag is a big one!

Although you might be looking at the picture on this product and thinking, “That’s a document pouch”.
And you would be right, that is indeed a folder for documents. It even has pockets, and it says so on this page. But this is also one of our most popular and cost effective options for conferences. And that is with very good reason. It looks amazing! And with all the cool branding options it has, it’s surprising that we ever have any stock of it at all.

Easily portable with its carry handle and zipped main compartment, this is a perfect bag for travelling. If you’re having an international conference, then this bag is one that can be easily taken as a carryon on the way home like a little document suitcase, or slipped into a suitcase without taking up all the space you were saving for souvenirs from your trip.

Cool Conference Giveaways

A conference bag is the best conference giveaway item. It looks great, it’s portable, it’s great for storing all the things on your trip. And if you choose this bag then it’s also one that comes with full colour branding!

But if you’re looking for something to put in your bags, then here are some of our most popular promotional gifts for you to choose from!

·  Xanadu Pen
·  Bartender Bottle Opener Key Holder
·  Acoustix Earbuds
·  Cosmos Sunglasses
·  Rhapsody Lanyard
·  Fourth Estate A5 Notebook

These are all things that fit conveniently in the Graffiti Document Bag. Promotional caps and promotional t shirts also fit into these bags.

Getting several hundred things from five different suppliers that all arrive at different dates can add even more stress than is actually necessary to the already stressful task of organising a conference. At Brand Innovation we take care of our clients. We will supply, brand and deliver your corporate goods all over South Africa. We supply corporate gifts in Gauteng, promotional items in Cape Town and branded merchandise in Johannesburg.

We want your business, and we’re willing to go that extra mile for our clients to make sure that you get the order that you need.

Swag South Africa

If you’re not from South Africa but you’re organising a conference in the country, then chances are that this is the search that brought you here. This is a great conference swag bag, and all of the above can be used as conference swag ideas.

Swag is an American term for what we would call corporate or promotional gifts. Company branded items that you can put into your conference bag that are a pleasant surprise for you conference attendees.

Conference Bags Wholesale

As a bulk supplier, Brand innovation supplies branded promotional products to companies all across South Africa and Africa.

That includes this corporate document bag. It’s a beautiful document holder bag that can, and frequently is, used as a cost-effective bag for conferences. It looks good, it has amazing potential of branding and it is for sale online at a very reasonable price.

This bag is going to be the legacy of your conference. Wouldn’t it be great if people were so impressed with your branded merchandise that they not only came back again next year but recommended it to their co-workers, too?

A quality bag has a long life-span, and it can carry on advertising your conference for the rest of its life. That could be years. Your conference bag is a conversation starter, a talking point. Promotional pens are fantastic corporate gifts and conference bag fillers. But they also run out of ink eventually and they can get lost easily. Roses die and violets whither, but diamonds are forever. Your conference bag is the diamond.

You can fill this document bag with literature about your conference and the topic that it’s about, with useful pamphlets about the area if you know that attendees are travelling to get to you. And you can also put all you branded promotional gifts in there. Let Brand Innovation help you brand your perfect Conference Bags.



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