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Branded Conference Bags

Branded conference bags are the versatile company swag item like no other. This is the bag perfectly suited for the on-the-go professional. Big enough to carry all the essentials, and small enough to easily throw over your shoulder before your next meeting, its the perfect compliment to professional life. Branded conference bags are unisex in design, so they’re that rare stylish product that caters to everyone.

Branded messenger bags are a popular options all year round. With the various conferences and expos being held every year in South Africa, these branded bags are the perfect option. Our selection of bags include entry level, mid range and high end document bags branded with your logo.

Ideal for business travel and with clean styles that are stylish for both men and women, this is a bag that will slip easily into the day to day life of a professional person. With everything from trendy messenger bags to distribute at your next conference, to messenger bags for a luxury corporate gift, we’ve got you covered.


What are new promotional ideas for conferences?

  • Power banks

  • Phone accessories (card holders, phone stands, earphones, charging cables)

  • Notebooks

  • Pens

  • Water bottles

  • Travel mugs

Which promotional products the best for conferences?

Conference Items

Conference items are products that corporate clients or executive staff members are usually gifted before, during or after a conference event or company function. Conferences draw large crowds of people together from all sorts of business avenues and backgrounds. 

Company events are the perfect occasion for showcasing your company or brand with conference items. They provide a platform where you can amplify your brand message or better convey your company purpose. 


Corporate Conference Gifts

Corporate conference gifts are a vital part of any conference, it is a permanent and physical item which acts as a memento of the event. A significant souvenir which connects you to your clients beyond the actual conference.

Branded gifts add immense value to your brand or company, as they offer long lasting branding value by continuously promoting your brand or business. Think of your branded products as walking billboards for your company, a once of payment for advertising which continues promoting for you.

Maintaining your brand or business reputation in a buzzing and fast-paced world is important for engagement, sales and sustaining your livelihood. A corporate conference gift is more than a handout or giveaway, it is the forging of a relationship to clients and a guarantee that your logo will be carried into the world where it will be visible to a larger audience.


Conference Handout Ideas

Conference handout ideas should be useful and meaningful gifts. Providing clients a handy item with a purpose, ensuring that your logo is on display and reaches more people daily. 

Gifting your clients, a tangible conference gift is gifting them a connection which outlasts the event. You want your brand or company to be in the minds of everyone long after the event is over and to continually be interacting with your branded product daily.


Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Trade show giveaway ideas include goodie bags, USB’s, power banks, keyrings, earbuds, silicone phone card holders, water bottles, phone grips, caps, t-shirts and so many more cool promotional products.

Branded handouts are one of the best ways to promote your business or brand, gain visibility and increase your sales. Items with your logo on ensure that your company stays in sight, exposed and reaches your target audience. 


Gift Ideas For Conference Attendees

Gift ideas for conference attendees that are always a winner are; branded water bottles, reusable tote bags, branded backpacks, keyrings, USB’s, notebooks, sticky notes, earbuds and plenty more useful and unique products.

A conference is an excellent platform to communicate your business or marketing message to a large group of people. Conference gifts add that extra touch to your event, gifting clients a valuable and useful gift that offers you long lasting branding value and connects you with your clients. 


Trade Show Merchandise 

Trade show merchandise products can add great value to your company or brand. Trade shows attract many people in one space, granting you the opportunity to expose and expand your business name with a multiverse of people. 

Marketing merchandise is vital for you branding power, influence and overall boost towards your sales. Without tangible items, clients and consumers are unable to put your branded product to use and assist you in advertising your brand. 

Clients and consumers indirectly become your promoters, free walking advertisements that constantly market your brand for you everywhere they go and everyone they interact with. Trade show merchandise are products that provide a functional addition in someone’s daily life, so your brand is always part of everyone’s life. 


Conference Swag 

Conference swag are items that help market your corporate event further. Every branded pen, notebook, bag, water bottle or tech gadget that leaves your venue has a beneficial purpose for the person receiving it and your brand. 

Branded conference items hold immense value, once they walk out of your event they are exposed for all the world to see. Gifting products with an intent to provide a use in someone’s life goes a long way for your brand promotion.

Imagine your brand being used everywhere, from trains, planes, coffee shops, offices to homes. Conference swag is a powerful marketing tool that can help elevate your brand visibility and escalate your brand exposure.


Gift Giveaway Ideas 

Gift giveaway ideas include branded products that are trendy, unique and useful. Gifting clients, staff or customers enable you entrance into their daily lives, with branded water bottles, notebooks, pens and other handy items. 

Products that hold fantastic branding power are items that provide excellent use for everyone, making their life a little easier and providing comfort for daily activities.

Conference Bags South Africa

Conference bags South Africa - the name says it all: conference bags are the perfect company swag item for your next conference. But they also offer a great deal more! This is the bag designed specifically for the working world. They’re the ideal shape and size to transport your laptop, documents and other office essentials. The conference bag is the answer to a convenient, compact and stylish working bag. This is a branded item that will undoubtedly get used on the daily. Their convenience and functionality means that as a swag or giveaway item, your conference bag is bound to get reused.


Printed Conference Bags

Printed conference bags have a minimal and tasteful design to make them the perfect backdrop for your branding and logo. The ample room available for branding sets the perfect stage to bring your brand into focus. It is an on-the-go platform for your branding. Wherever your wearer goes your logo follows, spreading brand awareness as they move.


Canvas Messenger Bag

A canvas messenger bag is an incredible company swag choice. Versatile and adaptable to the wearer’s life, a canvas messenger bag is also a cost effective item. Canvas is a lightweight and durable material that makes it the perfect option for everyday usage. This is a long term item, that can weather the wear and tear of everyday life.


Messenger Bags for Men

Messenger bags for men tick all the boxes that many other work bags can’t. They are sleek and streamlined enough to be a professional work bag, and simple and clean enough to be a more masculine style. This is why these unisex styles make incredible messenger bags for men. Get all the benefits of a capacious backpack but in this compact and professional style. Messenger bags for men are an amazing travel item for frequent fliers. With easy access pockets and secure flaps, this is a convenient carry on item for any business travel.


Conference Bags Wholesale

Conference bags wholesale - Brand Innovation is proud to be a conference bags wholesale supplier in South Africa. We have gorgeous messenger bags that make ideal corporate gifts, and conference bags that make functional giveaway items. Choose from our vast array of styles and several branding options available.


Conference Gift Bag Ideas

Conference gift bag ideas to make your conference or company event memorable among everyone attending. Gifting at your conference is key to ensuring that conference goers leave with a lasting impression of your event and keep your branded conference items as souvenirs. This secures that your company name or brand will be exposed to many others and gain great brand value and visibility.


Conference Bag Ideas

Conference bag ideas, we supply a wide range of messenger bags that can beautifully be branded with your company logo. Bags for a conference should be practical, fit a laptop or tablet device, have space for documents and notebooks. Our selection includes bags that have pen loops, multiple compartments, fit laptops and are desgined for practically and professional style.

Our conference bags range includes:

  • Document bags
  • Sling bags
  • Totes
  • Laptop bags
  • Laptop backpacks


Goodie Bags For Women’s Conference

Goodie bags for women's conference, select from a stunning range of branded products for women that make great conference giveaways. Fill your goodie bags with candles, notebooks, glitter pens, beautiful mugs, tote bags, bath salts, cosmetic bags, compact mirrors, nail files, lip balms & so many more elegant gifts.