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Drawstring Bags are a high-volume, low cost option to get your brand out there. Used for multiple campaigns, drawstring bags are easy to brand and perfect for small and large volume campaigns. Amrod holds significant stock levels.

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Drawstring Bags are fantastic promotional items. They are easy to use, they’re fun and they’re a cost effective branding solution. We have a wide selection of different types of these string bags to choose from.


Cotton Drawstring Bags

Cotton Drawstring Bags are fantastic way to carry your goods around. Bags made from natural fibres are eco friendly and they’re also bio degradable. Cotton is a fantastic material to have bags made from because it takes prints and colours beautifully so it will look fantastic with branding. Cotton is also an absorbent fabric.

We can print on one side of the bag for you, making this bag a great, cost effective branding option while also being eco friendly!


Small Drawstring Bags

Small drawstring bags make for super giveaway bags because you can secure them close and they come in lots of fun colours. With your print on the front, a drawstring bag is a fresh and unique take on the giveaway shopper nag. They can be easily sealed and printed and they look absolutely stunning! A branded bag like this is a great way to promote your brand or event.

Our micro drawstring bag, as an example, makes for a fantastic promotional drawstring because of its nifty size and nonwoven fabric. It comes in black, blue and red!


Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring backpacks are great ways to carry around lightweight items and keep them secure without having to use a heavy bag It also has the added benefit of being lightweight so you’re not carrying around loads of extra weight from your bag.  A drawstring backpack is a fun and fresh way to carry things around.
It’s really great for school children who want to carry their extra gym things to school, as a drawstring bag isn’t nearly as bulky as a full on school duffle bag. It also comes in a veritable rainbow of colours so that you can get one close to the school colours. This makes string backpacks an ideal accessory.


Custom Drawstring Bags

Custom drawstring bags are wonderful items to have and they can be easily achieved with our range of beautiful bags and branding capabilities. Putting your brand on a product already makes it unique. No one else has your specific branded goods and that’s part of what makes it so fun, and what makes promotional items so popular. They are fun, and you get something that’s limited edition for free from a company that you like or a brand that you support.  So by chosing us to print your personalised drawstring bags, you are putting an amazing limited edition product out there into the world and your clients are going to eat it up.

A custom product is also a great thing to give your employees. It’s a token of your appreciation for all the hard work that they do as well as being a fun way for them to show a little company spirit.
Company branded products are also a way to identify your employees and can make a new employee feel much more welcome within the company.


Gym Drawstring Bags

Gym drawstring bags are yet another use for the incredibly versatile drawstring bag. They are super convenient for transporting your gym cloths as they can fit a pair of clothes and shoes inside so that you can sweat it out at the gym no worries!

Also, a drawstring bag is fun to take with you on a gentle day hike. The bag seals easily and you can keep all your goods inside it without the bag adding any extra weight to your trip. If you’re planning on walking your dogs, children or significant other up that nearby hill for the morning then a drawstring bag can really be the perfect bag for you.


Branded Drawstring Bags

Branded Drawstring Backpacks are a great way to raise awareness for your brand. They are beautiful bags that have many uses and are often used by people commuting to work. This means that a drawstring bag has a very wide reach. One bag can be seen by a whole, rush-hour train carriage full of people, meaning that they have all been made aware of your brand.

Branded drawstring bags also make for awesome Promotional Bags.


Promotional Bags

Promotional bags, the kind that get handed out in giveaways or get given away as goodie bags full of promotional goodies. Draw strings are great for this because they are a cost effective branding option. They are lightweight, often made from nonwoven or synthetic fabrics – though if you’re keen on green, we do have a cotton drawstring that we can brand for you -  and come in a wonderful range of colours. They also take printing well so we can put your brand on them and they can take your company with them wherever it is that they go.

Bags are the kinds of items that travel with people. Once someone has a favourite bag, it’s very often that they will take that bag with them until it literally falls apart in their hands. What can we say, once you found That Bag then it’s hard to let go of it and the memories you made together.

Drawstring bags are super useful for students from primary school all the way to university, as they are quick and easy ways to carry around your lunch and a few extra things and they’re easy to travel with, so if you’re commuting, you have something that’s not adding excess bulk to your trip.


Drawstring Bag with Zipper

Drawstring bag with zipper is a fun way to carry your stuff around and store your things in an extra safe space. A pocket is useful for separating your things, or making things more immediately accessible to you when you need them on the move. A train ticket, a cell phone or an energy bard are all things that go well in a front zippered pocket for when you need them in a hurry.

We’re suppliers of Drawstring Bags In Bulk as well as a branding company, making brand Innovation the best place to buy Draw String Bags.