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With so much travel currently on the go, a selection of travel bags from Amrod will be a well received promotional gift.

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Promotional Travel Bags

Promotional travel bags - make sure it’s your branded travel bag your customers are reaching for when it’s time to pack for their next conference in another town. Or put their laptop into your branded carry on bag before getting on a plane. Branded travel bags perfectly compliment the life of a traveller. This is a convenient and thoughtful corporate gift for frequent fliers.

Custom Overnight Bag

Custom overnight bag - the most powerful corporate gift are those that fulfill a lack in the lives of customers. Their usefulness means they’re incorporated into the daily habits, making your brand name a familiar and welcome presence. It doesn't just prompt the owner onto a path of purchase, the more often a promo product is used, the more it acts to increase brand awareness for your business.

This is particularly true of a custom overnight bag. Designed to be convenient for someone on the go, travel bags are an extremely visible platform for branding, displaying your company logo while the carrier travels. With a range of styles and colours available, this is the perfect basis to build a product that sends your unique branded messaging.


Branded Laptop Trolley Bags

Branded laptop trolley bags are an essential bag for frequent flyers. Providing travelling ease and a safe and secure storage for your laptop. An ideal option for working people who travel often for business meetings and professional purposes. 

A laptop bag with trolley wheels provides optimal convenience and makes travelling a breeze. Gift your executive clients or top staff members with a branded laptop trolley bag to show your gratitude for their business or hard work, while gaining great branding value and exposure.  


Branded Laptop Bags

Branded laptop bags offer your brand an excellent marketing opportunity and the power of international visibility. Imagine your branded laptop bag with your brand or company logo on, being seen at every airport, in every office and all over. A branded item that travels, offers a world (literally) of branding value. 

Bags that hold laptops, tablets or any other devices, grant long lasting branding value and long use. Making for great end of year gifts for corporate clients or for your valued staff members who are constantly on the road on behalf of your company. 


Backpack Computer Bag

Backpack computer bag, a super functional and useful travel bag option. A backpack is always in need and is a fantastic marketing tool, that offers high-levels of exposure and visibility. 

Add value to your brand with a backpack computer bag, it will act as your brand ambassador and be the free walking advertisement for your company. 

Imagine your brand walking around every campus, through every airport, plane and beyond. 


Hard Case Luggage

Hard case luggage is made from strong and durable materials that protect the contents of your luggage. Luggage with a hard case provides many uses and many trips. 

Luggage is a vital part for any traveling trip, it the perfect opportunity for your brand to promote itself and be exposed to everyone everywhere.


Luggage Handbag

Luggage handbag, a stunning gift for women. We supply stylish and chic designs that are practical and convenient. Spacious fit for laptops, tablets, devices or documents. 

Travel fashionably with a luggage handbag that combines professional with elegance. 

A great end of year client gift idea for your executive clients as a thank you, or a promotional item to handout after an event or company function.


Luxury Suitcase Brands

Luxury suitcase brands that we supply include the following:

  • Gary Player
  • Ferraghini
  • Elleven 
  • OGIO


Our high-end suitcase brands offer excellent quality and long lasting use. Designed with high-quality materials and finished with sleek and smart styles. 

The range offers a travel bag for everyone, from weekend bags, carry bags, laptop bags, handbags, trolley bags to luggage bags. Indulge clients with luxury products that deliver class and sophistication. 


Laptop Bag and Backpack

Laptop bag and backpack, a versatile and functional bag. Gifting this great combo of a bag will impress clients and customers, a dynamic and handy product is always a winner. This ensures that the branded product remains in use and in sight. Be smart about your marketing products, choose items that will provide long use as this translates directly into your brand value, reach and visibility.