Diaries and Calendars

Branded Diaries

Branded diaries - the ultimate corporate gift is one that your customer interacts with on a daily basis, keeping you brand top of mind and your company a familiar presence. So the marketing potential of a daily diary speaks for itself! A fundamental tool for your work day, this is a great little assistant that we rely on to keep on top of our appointments and daily tasks. It lends a helping hand when things get busy or stressful - the perfect workplace item to keep close by. Help your clients prepare for the new year, with this essential workplace item to help make their lives just that little bit easier!

Promotional Diaries

Promotional diaries - as a corporate gift, a branded diary is an exceptional choice. It’s a cost effective product with the potential for significant impact. A smart marketing strategy is to predict the needs of your customers, and fulfill that lack before they’ve even considered it themselves. Corporate diaries are a perfect end of year gift for this reason. They prep your customers for the new year ahead, saving them the hassle of organising one themselves.


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