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2012 sees the introduction of many new ceramic mug options all decorated with a new digital decoration technique.

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Promotional Coffee Mugs

Promotional coffee mugs - make sure that sip of your drink is refreshing in more than one way! Our promotional coffee mugs add a fun, fresh edge to this standard drinkware item. This is a great corporate swag item to stock the office kitchen, or to delight your customers with as a giveaway item.

If you're looking for water bottles browse our range of branded metal water bottles.

Corporate coffee mugs are a classic promotional product item with good reason. There are few items out there that are as cost effective, and universally useful. In your everyday cup of coffee lies an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Printed coffee mugs are the perfect promo gift for any office or home. We supply a selection of different ceramic mugs in South Africa. Whether you are looking for a standard white mug, latte mug or a unique colour changing mug, we have it all.

Personalised Ceramic Mug

Personalised ceramic mug - it doesn’t matter where you stand on the age old coffee VS tea preference debate… you’re still going to need a ceramic mug! A great coffee cup quickly becomes a fond favourite, meaning we hold onto them for years to come. Part of the power of a personalised ceramic mug is that it’s such a long term branding solution.


Promotional Coffee Mugs

Promotional coffee mugs - depending on your caffeine addiction level, we can use a coffee cup multiple times in a given day. Coffee cups strike that perfect chord as a familiar household or workplace item, for guaranteed engagement with your branding. The more your promotional coffee mugs are used by your customers, tagging along to meetings in the boardroom or on an afternoon coffee break, the more your brand awareness increases. It’s this kind of everyday familiarity with your branding that generates a brand loyalty - prompting a customer onto the path of purchase.

Printed Coffee Mugs

Printed coffee mugs - in a sea of branded promotional products, make sure your brand really stands out. We have a varied range of ceramic mugs to suit both your brand identity and your branded messaging. Whether you’re looking for something fun and quirky, super functional, or sleek and sophisticated, we have options to deliver the message you want to sent.


A reusable travel coffee cup is a great choice for any company who wants to align their brand with eco-friendly values. Our colour changing mugs reveal your logo when hot liquid is poured into them. This is a fun and unique product that really engages your customers with your branding. For a more sophisticated choice, the Cafe Noire Coffee Set makes a stylish corporate gift.


Personalised Mugs Wholesale

Personalised mugs wholesale - many of our ceramic mug options come in an assortment of colours. Ceramic mugs offer a great foundation to fully customise your promotional product to your brand identity. With full printing available, mugs are an effective backdrop to let your branding stand out.


Brand Innovation offers branding services on our personalised mugs wholesale range. Please browse our vast selection of drinkware. To talk to a helpful account executive about our collection and branding services available, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or on 0861 111 954. We look forward to assisting you!