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Amrod launches many new metal waterbottles in 2012. From entry level to higher end options, in multiple colours and with a new branding technique, this is a tremendous corporate git option.

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Branded Metal Water Bottles

Branded metal water bottles offer a sleek alternative to your traditional branded drink bottles. Our range includes insulating bottles with elegant branding options like engraving. These are stainless steel and aluminium products that send a strong message about your business’s attention to detail and quality. With everything from travel mugs, thermos bottles and flasks to double-wall drink bottles there are options to suit your branded messaging and budget!

For other branded drinkware see our ceramic coffee mugs

How are branded water bottles helpful for your brand?

  • Higher chance by 71% of Gen X’ers will do business with you because of your branded water bottles.

  • 84% of baby boomers make use of branded water bottles

  • Achieves 1,400 impressions during its lifetime

  • Kept for at least 1 year or longer

Branded Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Branded stainless steel water bottles are arguably at the pinnacle of promotional drinkware! They’re light, trendy and super useful. Designed to keep your drink cool for as long as possible, this is a corporate gift to refresh your clients. The polished finish of this insulating metal means your branded stainless steel water bottles can literally help your brand shine!


The Meteor Double Wall Flask come in a stylish gold or silver coating, with unique detailing around the grip. This sophisticated product functions to keep liquids hot for 6 hours or cold for 24 hours! Our collection also includes the Omega bottle, Vegas Stainless Steel Mug, Bullion Double-Wall Drink Bottle, Double Walled Vacuum Flask and many other stainless steel options.

Branded Aluminium Water Bottles

Branded aluminium water bottles make use of the exceptional properties of this metal for a durable, light and classy product. Branded aluminium water bottles allow for a coloured exterior, meaning you can customise your promotional drink bottle to suit your unique corporate identity. This is a colourful, useful and elegant product, designed to get maximum use value to best leverage your branding. The perfect choice for sports teams, or organisations in the health industry. Choose this unique product for your next corporate swag item!


Insulated Drink Bottle

An insulated drink bottle builds on the usefulness of your classic corporate drinkware - but it adds an extra splash of innovation. Branded drinkware is an everyday item for your customers to use on a daily basis. It’s the type of product you always want to keep handy, so your branding is kept within arms reach and top of mind. Designed to keep your drink cold or hot, this is a seasonal choice no matter the time of year! Useful to the owner all year round, this is an incredible item to increase your brand exposure, and ensure that your contact information is always on hand.