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Amrod launches many new metal waterbottles in 2012. From entry level to higher end options, in multiple colours and with a new branding technique, this is a tremendous corporate git option.

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Promotional Travel Coffee Mugs

Promotional travel coffee mugs are the perfect promotional drinkware item to compliment working life. Being short on time shouldn’t mean you have to go without your morning caffeine fix! Promotional travel coffee mugs let you have your cuppa joe on the the go. This is the perfect item to keep on hand as you move around the office and go to meetings, making it a portable item with the potential for huge brand exposure.


This is also a great eco friendly item for any organisation looking to attach their brand to greener habits. Help your customers lower their carbon footprint, by using this reusable alternative to a disposable coffee cup. Your customers can take your branded travel cup on their daily trip to the local coffee joint, making this a homeware item that gets public brand exposure. This is an amazing location for your branded marketing.

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Branded Collapsible Water Bottle

A branded collapsible water bottle is a totally unique take on the promotional water bottle. These convenient products are a more compact, lightweight, easy-to-pack water bottle. Easy to clip to your bag or belt, a branded collapsible water bottle is a favourite of hikers, tour guides and outdoor professionals. For anyone whose working day involves physical activity, collapsible drink bottles are a great way to keep your water bottle on hand. It lets you stay hydrated with a hands free, convenient product so that you can focus your attention on the work in front of you.


As a popular, compact item for hikers and adventurers, this is a great promotional product choice for businesses in the travel and tourism industries. Customise your collapsible water bottle with a choice of four different shades, and gorgeous branding. This is an item bound to get used often, keeping your brand top of mind.