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Travel Promotional Items

Travel promotional items aren’t just great for business travel - when the season comes around travel gifts make excellent end of year gifts for your clients and employees. During the festive months when traffic on the road is heavy, and planes are full, your clients will be grateful for the smoother journey your travel promotional items allow.

Travel Agent Promotional Items

Travel agent promotional items are a great way to keep your brand top of mind when your customers are travelling. These are the perfect useful gifts to give your customers on their way out, so your brand will go with on their future travels. Travel agent promotional items also ensure your brand will be exposed to other travelers and tourists - your potential customers!

Another great option for travel promotional items is branded luggage. Our Travel Bags and Bags on Wheels pages have options for bags specifically designed for travelers. Another option is our Laptop Bags and Backpacks page - a great corporate gift idea for business travelers.


Promotional Travel Items

Promotional travel items - of course travel gifts also make excellent promotional items and corporate gifts for businesses in the travel industry - such as airlines or travel agencies.  Corporate gift travel items are a wonderful branding opportunity. They are by definition on-the-go items - so your branding travels with the owner.

If your corporate gift is carried onto a flight, on public transport, or taken to an international conference - your brand is apparent to everyone in the vicinity. This is how corporate gift travel items offer a great platform for brand exposure.


Travel Gift Ideas

Travel gift ideas - there are many amazing and functional travel gift ideas out there to wow your clients.

Specific options include:

  • Travel Eye Mask: A travel eye mask is a staple item for any frequent flier. Essential for a good night’s sleep, an eye mask is bound to get use value. The minimal design also allows ample room for branding
  • Luggage Tags: we supply bright plastic luggage tags in 10 different colours. This is a useful item to make your luggage easily identifiable and keep your contact details in case of lost luggage.
  • Nappa Leather Passport Wallet: This passport cover is made from real leather, making it the perfect choice for a more luxurious travel corporate gift.
  • Comfort Travel Set: This travel set has everything necessary for a comfortable flight. Complete with an inflatable travel pillow, earplugs, and eye mask, it comes in a compact and portable velvet pouch.
  • Sewing Kit: A compact sewing kit is really handy for remedying those unexpected mishaps whilst travelling. This kit contains a range of thread colours, needles, pins, scissors and a safety pin.
  • Solar Charger Power Bank: a power bank is an incredibly useful item for travellers and people on the go. Especially for sightseers or outdoor adventurers, a portable solar charger allows you to keep your devices charged wherever you are. Relying on on the sun for power, this power bank makes a wonderful eco-friendly travel gift.


Contact us via email info@brandinnovation.co.za or call us on 0861 111 954 and one of our account executives will be happy to give you ideas appropriate for your corporate travel gifts! We look forward to helping you.