Sports First Aid Kit


Sports First Aid Kit

Code : FAK009


The Sports First Aid Kit is a specialized medical bag suited for use at Rugby, Netball, Soccer and other sports. This first aid kit contains a selection of contents that is important to have at hand during a game. This bag is available in standard colours of red or blue, but we can manufacture first aid kits in any colour you require. 

Sports First Aid Kit Contents:

1 x Plaster Roll 25mm x 3m
1 x Plaster Roll 50mm x 3m
1 x Plaster Roll 75mm x 3m
1 x Plaster Roll 100mm x 3m
1 x Antiseptic Solution 100ml
1 x Burns Dressing 10cm x 10cm
1 x Mercurochrome 50ml
4 x Roller Bandages 75mm
4 x Roller Bandages 100mm
1 x Cotton Wool Roll 50g
2 x CPR Mouth Piece
1 x Forceps
1 x Gauze Swabs N/S 50mm
2 x Gauze Swabs Sterile 100mm
4 x Pairs Examination Gloves
4 x First Aid Dressing No. 3
4 x First Aid Dressing No. 5
1 x Paper Tape 25mm x 3m
100 x Plaster Strips
10 x Safety Pins
1 x Rescue Scissors
2 x Splints
4 x Triangular Bandages N/W
2 x Ankle Guards
2 x Knee Guards
2 x Wrist Guards
4 x Glucogel Sachets
1 x Wintergreen Ointment 25g
1 x PVP Cream 25g (Betadine)
1 x Rescue/Space Blanket
1 x Trauma Collar
1 x Eye Pad
1 x Eye Shield
2 x Finger Dressings (Assorted)
1 x Ice Pack
1 x 100ml Arnica Oil
1 x Spray Freeze (Can) 150ml

We are a premier first aid kit supplier in South Africa.



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