Poykie Ceramic Pot With Silicone Cover


Poykie Ceramic Pot With Silicone Cover

Code : AC-2000


African gift ideas – Branded Corporate Gifts with a South African Twist! South Africa is a country with a many wonderful diverse cultures. A way to celebrate this beautiful land is by sharing our cultures and traditions with our visitors. We have beautiful promotional gifts that can help you do just this.

Features of the Poykie:

  • Size: 10.3 ( dia ) x 8 ( h )
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Capacity 0.35L
  • Cover size: 11.5 ( dia ) x 8 ( h )
  • Cover material: silicone
  • Presented in an Andy Cartwright gift box
  • Box: 12 ( h ) x 10.7 ( dia )

One of the gifts that we have to do just this is a Poykie, a traditional three legged cooking pot! Which might seem like a very serious gift to give someone because a standard potjie is a cast iron cooking pot that tends to way a fair amount and is not always the best item to pack into your luggage. But this Poykie has a modern twist to it! It’s a ceramic bowl or large cup (both at once if you’re drinking soup) in a silicone, potjie shaped container. These make for really fun and funky fresh corporate gifts. They look beautiful and we can brand them yourself.

Why this is the Ideal African Gift

  • Poykie Mug! Poykie Bowl! Both!
  • 8 Awesome Colours
  • Fun Traditional African Gift!
  • Made by a Local Designer!
  • Unique Promotional Gift!
  • Beautiful Corporate Gift for visitors!
  • Comes in a Gift Box!

Giving someone this as a promotional gift is a really awesome way to give them a part of everyday South African life to enjoy!



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