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Kooshty Products

Kooshty products are a collection of high-quality items which are excellent options for your corporate gifts. Popular products as end of year gifts for executive clients. 

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Products that are bold in style, vibrant in colour and trendy in design. Gifts that make superb executive gifts for clients or employees. Kooshty offers you super unique and useful corporate gift ideas that will help create a lasting impression of your brand. 


End of year gifts are intended to show your clients or employees your gratitude and appreciation for their business and work. Give gifts that have meaning, create a memorable impression and provide excellent value to someone’s life. Choosing the right corporate gifts can be a challenge, as you want to gift something that your staff or clients have not yet received. Kooshty products are the solution to this problem, trendy, fun and offering long lasting use. 


Our Kooshty collection includes:

  • Glass water bottles

  • Fun office mugs

  • Cork coffee cups

  • Glass coffee cups

  • Neoprene lunch bags

  • Cork glass water bottles 

  • Stainless steel coffee cups

  • Coffee sets

No products were found that matched your search criteria.

Kooshty South Africa

Kooshty South Africa, is a unique brand that is sure to brighten everyone’s day with products that are vibrant in colour, packaged in funky gift boxes and will liven up every desk. Corporate gifts can be boring and uninspired, Kooshty products are the exact opposite! You can choose from a range of fun products that will make everyone smile. From bursting bright colours, the Kooshty range will stand out in every office space, on every desk and beyond.


Be the company that gifts clients and staff with gifts that will instantly emit good energy, smiles and happiness. With so much gloom in the world and stressful work days, imagine everyone reaching for your colourful branded mug or glass water bottle and a smile creeping across their face. 

We supply Kooshty items across South Africa, we can brand your logo on any of the Kooshty products. Gain the branding exposure your brand deserves with high-end products that will keep everyone smiling. 

Marketing products are what connects your brand or business to people. Connect people with branded products that will add to their day and always bring good thoughts when used. Branded mugs, branded coffee cups, branded lunch bags or branded glass water bottles are items that will continually be in use and visible to all. Think of all the times your branded water bottle will be used; in every office, in schools, on university or college campuses, on every desk, at every sports event, on hikes, beaches, picnics and almost everywhere!


Kooshty Water Bottles

Kooshty water bottles supplier in South Africa, we supply and brand a range of fun and excellent quality Kooshty products. Branded water bottles are still one of the best ways to market your brand or business. It is a tangible item that people can use and interact with, which translates to people interacting with your brand. Water bottles with your logo on have proven to boost brand awareness, as your brand gains high-levels of brand visibility and exposure. 


Kooshty Glass Drinking Bottles

Kooshty glass drinking bottles grant your brand long lasting branding value as they can be reused again and again. Products made from glass, offer you a cleaner taste without toxic and harmful chemicals commonly found in plastic water bottles. 


Branded water bottles guarantee that your brand will always be visible and top of mind. A water bottle is an item that is used by everyone from every walk of life. It is a promotional marketing item that will never go out of use, is used by all ages and is needed for almost every occasion. Change up your conference, tradeshow, Expo or company event with glass water bottles. People will not easily forget a company or brand who gave them a branded glass water bottle. Be different by gifting an item that holds meaning and care for the environment, while keeping your brand exposed. 


Imagine each person who attended your event, walking away with a branded item that is useful, reusable and better for the planet. Your brand will be remembered and always in the minds of everyone, while recognition from everyone who comes into contact with your branded water bottle. Represent your brand with marketing items that are less harmful to the environment and encourage people to make conscious decisions. Be a role model for more sustainable changes and make people consider their daily actions with products that ignite a better awareness of the planet. Brands and businesses have immense power of purchase, use your power for the good of the earth with products that are more considerate of the environment. 


Branded Glass Water Bottles South Africa

Branded glass water bottles South Africa, glass water bottles are a great alternative to plastic water bottles. They are the better option for your health and cause less harm to the planet. Gain excellent branding exposure with glass water bottles, as they offer your brand long lasting value, can be used many times over and will always be useful.

Align your brand with marketing items that matter to make a difference. The world is experiencing such devastation with climate change, deforestation, depletion of natural resources and a general degradation of the environment. Promote your brand, business, school, university or organisation with branded items that aim to decrease harm to the earth. 


5 Reasons why glass water bottles are better than plastic water bottles:

  • Re-usable.

  • Better for your health.

  • No harmful chemicals.

  • More sustainable.

  • Easy to clean.