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Lanyards online make everyday a breeze. Lanyards can be used in variety of industries like corporate offices, government sectors, hospitals, trade shows, conferences, events and much more. Brand Innovation supplies lanyards online throughout South Africa.

Promotional lanyards

Promotional lanyards can be used in corporate meetings and conferences. Wearing lanyards helps you to identify staff from other organisations.
Students can use lanyards when they attend examinations to show their student card.
Visitors that are attending meetings at other organisations can wear a lanyard for security reasons.

Places where promotional lanyards can be used, includes;

  • Sports events and championships
  • Charity events Guest speakers and MC’s at events
  • Cancer awareness events
  • Corporate conferences
  • Reporters and journalists
  • Students
  • Why are lanyards a great promo idea?
    Lanyards are great promotional giveaways because they can be used to attach your ID badge on it.
    You can attach your flash drive or even your gym membership card to a lanyard.

    Lanyards are great promotional items because this item can be used for multiple meetings, conferences and student examinations. Dye sublimation lanyards Dye sublimation lanyards have fun colourful designs. Companies can brand their business name on a dye sublimation lanyard with a bold text to stand out from other competitors. Petersham lanyards Petersham lanyards are great accessories for people that want to keep certain items close by. The Petersham lanyard has bright colours with a snap clip to attach an item of your choice.

    Below are a few lanyard recommendations
    Colour-Max Lanyard - Satin Finish Product code LAN-310

    The colour-max lanyard-satin finish have exciting colours and includes a full dye-sublimation on both sides.
    You can choose from three attachments.
    The options are lobster claw, a snap hook or a bulldog clip.
    Great price for companies that are looking to budget.
    Branding option – Sublimation

    Types of promotional lanyards
    Brand Innovation offers the following lanyards, which include;

    • Bamboo lanyards
    • Bliss conference pouch and lanyard
    • Breakaway lanyard
    • Lanyard with dome sticker
    • Dye sublimation lanyard
    • Petersham lanyard with a snap hook
    • Petersham lanyard with crocodile clip
    • Petersham lanyard with lobster clip
    • Rough woven lanyard
    • Zippered lanyard
    • Troop portrait lanyard card holder

    Branded Lanyards
    Branded lanyards can create more awareness for your brand.
    Weather your branded lanyard is used at schools for examinations or corporate industries, consumers will have a constant reminder of your brand.
    Reporters can always use lanyards when they attend media conferences, court hearings or interviews. This way people will be able to recognize the company you are working for.

    Why are lanyards useful?
    Lanyards are useful for many industries.
    They are used to identify organisations and different people at corporate events.
    Students can use lanyards to attach their student cards on before they enter an exam. Lanyards are useful for the following industries, which include;

    Lanyards for students

    • Student ID’s and cards can be used in a lanyard to show examiners your details when you enter the exam room.
    • Teachers and exam invigilators use lanyards for students to identify them.
    • Lanyards in corporate offices
    • Companies like law firms, insurance and media production companies can keep a supply of lanyards.
    • Corporate businesses use lanyards for visitors.
    • Visitors wear lanyards for security purposes.

    • Lanyards for events and concert staff

    • Lanyards can be used for events and concerts to identify the people that are working back stage.
    • For safety reasons, lanyards are used to identify people quickly.
    • Concert staff can use lanyards to enter security areas for work reasons.

    • Lanyards for government staff

    • Government buildings have different sectors with a wide variety of staff members.
    • Having a lanyard with their details can allow staff to move from one security area to the next.
    • Lanyards can help you to know the different sectors of government.

    • Lanyards for doctors and nurses

    • Lanyards are useful for doctors and nurses.
    • Some hospitals have security areas.
    • Lanyards with staff identification numbers will be required to access certain areas in the building.

    Lanyards for media companies

    Reporters can use lanyards for the public to identify them.
    Journalists use lanyards at media conferences Journalists with lanyards around their neck can be recognized in public areas or in court.
    Media speakers can use lanyards for conferences and certain events.

    Promotional Lanyards

    Promotional lanyards - as you move between meetings or rush to your next appointment, promotional lanyards are a hands-free solution to make sure you’ve always got your essentials with you. Unlike many other accessories, lanyards are super easy to slip on and off without damaging clothing. This is a simple easy to use addition to your work clothing.  


    It’s not just that lanyards are super functional. They also make you look organised, by adding a touch of professionalism and authority to your appearance. In world that values first impressions, making sure you’re always presentable and professional is an essential. And the vast array of promotional lanyards in sleek and sophisticated colour varieties means that lanyards are becoming an increasingly stylish item. They’ve even been known to adorn the necks of runway models during Fashion Weeks!

    Custom Cotton Lanyards

    Custom cotton lanyards - the great strength of lanyards is how easily they’re customised. Many colours and materials are available, and styles range from simple to sleek and luxurious. They’re able to be fully branded using a variety of methods, so these can be fully leveraged to be consistent with your brand identity.


    Unique options are also available to help make your brand distinct. For example, our custom cotton lanyards and eco-friendly lanyards are the perfect on-brand option for organisations in the environmental sector. They’re also a great choice for any business wanting to lower its carbon footprint or spread environmental awareness.


    Bulk Lanyards for Sale

    Bulk lanyards for sale - lanyards tend to be worn around the neck – a great location for brand visibility. This is an item that consistently functions as a very effective vehicle for your brand! A lanyard is a cost-effective item, meaning that this is a winning promo item in terms of quality and quantity. Scale up the lanyards you give away and scale up their marketing power. Bulk lanyards are an amazing means to multiply the effect of an incredible giveaway item, by making your brand a ubiquitous and familiar presence.


    Lanyard Manufacturers South Africa

    Lanyard manufacturers South Africa - Lanyards have deservedly made themselves a resident staple of promotional products. Brand Innovation is proud to offer bulk lanyards for sale. We source from only the most trusted lanyard manufacturers in South Africa, to ensure that you’re receiving a quality, durable product. Please get in touch via email or on 0861 111 954 and one of our account executives will be happy to make suggestions suited to your marketing budget and needs. We are looking forward to helping you!