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We supply branded lighters and printed lighters in South Africa. A lighter makes a great promotional product. Our range includes great BIC lighters, flint lighters, firelighters, braai lighters, bottle opener lighters and torch lighters. To order your lighters in South Africa, please email us at info@brandinnovation.co.za

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Promotional Lighters

Promotional lighters are an exceptional promo product choice. Whether it’s to start up a Sunday braai, light those relaxing candles after a long day or to raise in the air during a concert - promotional lighters are products that are useful to everyone. We offer a range of promotional lighters, perfectly suited to a variety of needs. We offer everything from disposable lighters that make perfect giveaway items to engraved fire lighters for a more luxury corporate gift.

Order your custom bic lighters today!

One reason is that lighters make such a great marketing vehicle, is that they tend to be shared. As they’re borrow and handed around, they’re passed from person to person with your logo following suit. This is a low cost promotional product option with sizable marketing potential!


While this is an amazing promo product with universal appeal, it’s also a great item for more targeted advertising. For businesses that target young adults, or those in the nightlife and entertainment industries, a promotional lighter is an especially well suited product bound to get a great deal of usage. Increase your brand exposure where it’s likely to have the most impact!

Novelty Lighters

Novelty lighters - naturally, lighters are a popular marketing choice. We have unique lighter options to make your lighters shine a little brighter than the competition. An innovative novelty lighter choice is the bottle opener fire lighter. This has all the functionality of 2 different products in a single promotional product!


The torch lighter has a similar convenience. This gas lighter also has an additional LED light at the bottom to make sure you always have a torch handy. The additional useful functions of these novelty lighters make it all the more likely that customers will hold onto your product.


Custom Printed Lighters

Custom printed lighters are a great way to personalise your product. We offer full colour printing on many lighters, an incredible way to totally customise your product. The myriad of colours available means you can make selections consistent with your brand identity. Custom printed lighters are a great product to make your own, and provide a vehicle for marketing.


Engraved Lighters

Engraved lighters take advantage of this elegant branding choice to give you a more sophisticated promotional product. Engraving is the branding option that most increases the perceived value of your products. Engraved lighters make a tasteful corporate gift that customers are more likely to hold onto. Our metal lighters options make the perfect base for engraved lighters. Specifically the Botticelli and and Flexi Electronic lighters make unique distinguished gifts.


Custom BIC Lighters Wholesale

Custom BIC lighters wholesale - we are wholesale suppliers of BIC lighters. This trusted brand’s products are a staple amongst lighters. Our branding services available mean this is a fully customisable item. The BIC name has years of quality products behind it. This offers an assurance of the standard of product you will receive.


BIC’s preeminence in promotional lighters field lies  in how adaptable they are to your brand. We supply the BIC Maxi Lighter. Available in 4 colours, this is a classic choice. We are proud to be leading custom BIC lighters wholesale suppliers.


Brand Innovation provides branding services on the products we supply. Please contact us on 0861 111 954 or email us and we will be more than happy to help you choose custom lighters appropriate to your marketing campaign!