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Branded Flash Stick

Branded flash stick - also known as a memory stick, pen drive, flash stick, or pen drive - a branded USB by any other name is just as useful! This is the perfect symbol of dynamism, while still giving your customers an incredibly useful item. A branded flash stick is the ideal nifty gadget for data storage - and the perfect platform for your logo.

The everyday use value of a USB means your brand gets integrated into the daily lives of your customers. Keep your brand name familiar and your contact details accessible, with a product your customers will want to always keep near.

Promotional Pen Drive

Promotional pen drive -  we’re not just talking about the professional world. The Universal Serial Bus is also universally useful! Sure, it’s a staple item for everyone in the workplace. But a promotional pen drive is also the vehicle for your teenager to share music with their friends, where a university student stores her thesis and where a housewife keeps important information. This is a promotional product that is suited to a myriad of target audiences. It’s an item you can never have to many of - an extra branded flash stick is always a welcomed addition.

Custom Thumb Drives

Custom thumb drives -  branded memory sticks make amazing vehicles for marketing because they’re a fully customisable product. Choose from a range of different styles, colours and branding options to build a promotional product that is perfectly suited to represent your brand. Metal memory sticks have gorgeous engraving options for a more sophisticated product. We even offer a fully custom shaped USB - so you can have custom thumb drives in the shape of your product or logo. This is the ultimate personalised USB!

Unique Memory Sticks

Unique memory sticks - for those that really want to stand out from the crowd, a range of novelty USBs can help set you apart. Our USB bottle openers and USB pens provide multiple functions in one delightful product. Credit card USBs easily fit into your wallet so that you always know where your important info is! Silicon wristband USBs are unique memory sticks that offer a super portable, easily accessible data storage solution. Evergreen Memory Sticks are a gorgeous bamboo alternative for an eco friendly promotional product.

Wholesale Memory Sticks

Wholesale memory sticks - Brand Innovation is proud to be a leading supplier of this incredible promo item. Our wholesale memory sticks range is sizable and options are vast. If you’d like USB suggestions to suit your theme or budget, please feel free to contact one of our account executives on 0861 111 954 or email us. We look forward to assisting you!